Andrei Sergeevich Arshavin is a successful Russianfootballer, Honored Master of Sports of Russia. Arshavin plays the positions of the attacker, the attacking midfielder and playmaker. About where Arshavin plays today and how he started, we will tell in this article.

Childhood and Youth

Andrew started playing football at 7 years old. Its first site was the field of the children's and youth school of the Olympic reserve "Smena", now the "Academy of FC" Zenith ".

Arshavin made great strides, but because in 16 yearshe began to play for the adult "Shmeni" team, and two years later he received an offer to play in the backup team of the Zenit St. Petersburg team Zenit-2. A year later, Arshavin made his first steps in the first team.

FC Zenit

In "Zenith" Arshavin played 9 years, until afterhe did not receive an invitation from Arsenal in London, but the contract with this team did not last long, in 2012 Arshavin began to perform in Zenit again as a rental player, and then returned to the permanent squad.

Despite the fact that Arshavin is considered one of the mostthe most successful players in Russian football, many experts are skeptical of the success of this athlete. In particular, the two coaches who have worked with the footballer for a long time - Dick Advocaat and Arsene Wenger - are of the same opinion: Arshavin is not brilliant, but with one magical movement can change the course of the game.

Fans also hold a different opinion and evencollect the so-called miracle goals of Arshavin, among which can be identified: a miracle goal at the 2007/2008 UEFA Cup in the "Zenith", a miracle goal for the match against Holland during Euro 2008 as part of the Russian national team and the miracle-goal "Barcelona "In 2011 in the" Arsenal ".

A famous gesture

Arshavin has even his own brand. He is associated with a gesture that can often be seen on the field: after a scoring goal, Andrei puts his finger to his lips, as if invoking frenzied fans to calm and silence.

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