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How to learn to ride a bicycle?

Biking is a type of outdoor activity,which, in addition to the complex physical activity, gives a lot of pleasant emotions and impressions. To master the management of this mode of transport, you do not need to undergo serious training. To do this, it is enough to purchase a frame that is suitable for height, a technically sound bicycle, and also to find an even platform. The article goes on to explain in detail how to learn to ride a bicycle.

Preparation of a bicycle

First of all,so that while sitting on the seat, the foot on the bottom pedal could almost fully unbend in the knee. Check the operation of all the brakes and feel how much they work.


Sitting in the saddle of a bicycle and not releasing the handlesbrakes, train to keep balance, gradually tearing off feet from the ground. This exercise will allow you to feel the balance and, if necessary, better adjust the steering wheel and seat.


Pushing your feet off the ground, start rolling,as if the bicycle does not have pedals. Well, if this exercise you will perform on a small slope. Remember, when the bicycle is in motion, it does not fall. During driving, adjust the speed and do not forget about the brake. More information about the speed of a bicycle you can read in our article

A bike
- What speed at the bicycle. Use the steering wheel and, if necessary, help yourself with your feet, periodically dropping them to the ground. While driving, look only at the road.


While on the seat, decide which foot you prefer to start driving. It is this leg that is placed under the pedal so that it is slightly above. Do not let go

A bike
brake, place your free foot on the ground. After that, release the brake and press the foot on the pedal so it sinks down and roll backwards. Repeat this exercise several times.

Then, when you get used to keeping balance a little, when lowering the pedal down, put the other foot on the other pedal and try to make the next turn.

In this case, the main thing is perseverance. Start with 3-4 meters, gradually increasing the distance.


Now it's time to learn to turn,while maintaining equilibrium. Try to turn the steering wheel to the right and left at low speeds - this will help you better feel the principle of the bicycle. Try to make spreads.

Bicycle tour

When all the basics are mastered, you can go to the first small bike ride. Hone the skills of riding will help regular practice.

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