The word "dan" is often used in martial arts. We will now tell you about what is given and where this word is used.

In the dictionary, you can find this value: dan is a grade that determines the level of the master's degree in some Japanese board games, martial arts and some other occupations. In this respect, it is necessary to distinguish the dan from the kyu-discharge, which is assigned not to masters, but to students in a particular case.

The youngest, the lowest dan is the first, and the highest (depending on the occupation) - from the 6th to the 10th.

Where are the data used?

  • Martial arts of Japan: aikido, karate. Here the classification of the dans is presented as follows: 1,2 dan - level of sempai, 3,4 - sensei, 5,6,7 - syasan, 8,9 - khansi, 10 - meijin.
  • Board games: (one of the most famous and complex logical games of strategy, is on the list of World Intellectual Games), shogi (a kind of analogue of chess), Renju (a much more complicated sport analogue of crosses and toes). Each game has its own system of dan. For example, in go there are only 9 danas, each of which consists of a set of kyu digits (in the first datum already 30 kyu). The 10th dan is considered not a rank, but a title, as it is achieved not only by true masters, but by winners of games among venerable professionals.
  • Among other activities in which the Japaneseuse the system of discharges dan, it is possible to allocate kendamu. This toy is a ball with a hole, tied on a string to a product resembling a hammer. Its upper part is pointed, on the sides there are "cups" (one slightly larger, the other smaller), and the lower part has a depression. You need to throw the ball so that either catch it in one of the cups, or in the recess in the bottom of the handle. The apex of skill is the ability to plant a ball with a hole on the sharp part of the handle. The ranks are represented by six dinas, of which the 6th is the highest, and before that you need to get ten kyu.
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