Swimming in the pool is bothentertainment, and health-enhancing procedure. And because the subscription to the pool will be a wonderful choice for adults and children. About what you might need to visit the pool, we will now tell you.

a doctor's note

The vast majority of good sports centers are allowed to visit the pool only if there is a certificate of health status. The document is required for both adults and children.

So, for a child under 1.5 years old, you need permission frompediatrician to visit the pool. For children from 1.5 years old, you need a similar certificate from your doctor, as well as the results of the analysis on enterobiasis. For women, a certificate from a gynecologist (for men - from a dermatovenerologist) is required, which will confirm the absence of diseases of the reproductive system dangerous for other visitors of the pool. Pregnant women will also be able to go to the pool only if they have written permission from the attending physician.

What to bring to the pool?

Despite the fact that swimming is a kind of entertainment, it is very important to go to the pool properly prepared. Therefore, before the visit, prepare:

  • towel;
  • swimsuit / swimming trunks;
  • soap / shower gel, loofah;
  • clean removable shoes with rubber soles;
  • if necessary - a bathrobe;
  • a special hat;
  • glasses (if you are going to dive).
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