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How does Ronaldo beat?

Probably, each of the football fanswill agree that Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most talented players of his time. His game is fascinating and sometimes even surprising. But learning how to beat like Ronaldo is not so easy, because every player has his own style of impact. Our article will tell you how to send the ball on the right path, forcing the goalkeeper by surprise.

How to beat penalties like Ronaldo: instruction for football players


Cristiano always adheres to the sameprinciple when sending a ball. Begins his actions with the correct installation of it on the lawn, then prepares to takeoff. He departs exactly five broad steps from the ball.


Getting up to the right distance and starting the take-off,Cristiano Ronaldo first takes a step to the left and only then starts moving towards the ball. So the football player is always a little to the left of the ball, so his concentration completely goes to the blow. It is worth noting that Ronaldo makes a leisurely run and all attention is paid to ensure that the supporting leg is next to the ball. The run takes place along the curve of the trajectory.


The Portuguese's left foot is located a little bitbehind the ball. At the same time, he unfolds his body back, his left leg stretches completely the full length. Further, the body slightly tilts forward so that the ball does not soar high. He draws his right hand back so that the blow is powerful. Then the player strikes hard with the right foot to the left side of the ball. The trick that the Portuguese footballer enjoys is that during the strike he looks at the ball, not at the gate.


As we said above, Ronaldo strikes rightfoot in the left sector of the ball. The result of such manipulations will serve as a trajectory in the form of a parabola. When the ball takes off, it seems that it will immediately fall back down, but the flight path changes. Due to the fact that the lateral rotation of the ball stops, the ball floats further. In this case it seems that such a ball does not reflect.

Using this technique, Cristiano Ronaldo created his own style of free-kick. The Portuguese football player is hitting so much that he baffles the best goalkeepers of the world.

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