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How to beat free throws?

Ability to effectively use penalty shots is an important component of modern football. Often, a goal scored after a penalty, decides the fate of an important match.

Rules for the execution of penalty kicks in football

On how to beat the penalty, indicates point number 13rules of the game of football. A free kick is inflicted from the place of violation of the rules of the game. You can strike only on a motionless ball lying down. The battering player after the strike is not allowed to touch the ball repeatedly until one of the other players touches him. Players of the opposing team must be at least 9.15 m from the ball when the penalty kick is punctured.

How to beat free punches

Ability to play football, including effectivelyuse standard provisions is a great art. Universal technology, how to properly kick fines in football, does not exist. Each master has his secrets. Nevertheless, we can distinguish several rules that will help anyone who wants to improve the effectiveness of penalty kicks.

Beginners can recommend a few secretsfrom the world football star Cristiano Ronaldo. His blow carries the proprietary name "Ronaldo Rocket" and is characterized by the strength, high speed of the ball, accuracy of hitting the goal, as well as an unpredictable trajectory, when the ball suddenly begins to drop in front of the goalkeeper.

Even before the strike, the player must know exactly which gate point he should hit. Ronaldo always stands opposite the point where he marks, as if mentally projecting the trajectory of the ball.

The ball of Ronaldo always sets with a nipple in front ofby yourself. To strike, he tries directly on the nipple, as this is the heaviest place of the ball, and after hitting the ball in the air develops a great speed. At the same time, it is very important that the blow fell just below the center of the ball. In this case, the ball rises and then descends. If you hit significantly below the center of the ball, it will fly above the gate. If you hit above the center, the ball does not go up.

The ball must be struck on the upper rightpart of the lifting of the foot (if the kick is applied with the right foot). In this place on the football boots is lacing. Thus, to get to the ball you need to lace boots.

Before the blow, Ronaldo makes a short, but very sharp zamah foot. Moves only part of the leg below the knee. The speed and power of the flight of the ball gives precisely the sharpness of the swing.

Those who are fond of football, it will be interestingget acquainted with the video, how to beat the penalty in the style of Ronaldo, and, for comparison, watch a video tutorial on how to beat the penalty in the style of Beckham (with the spin of the ball), but this technique will be more difficult to master. Videos can be found on this page.

To learn how to beat penalties yourself, like the masters do, you just need to linger on the field for half an hour after training and continuously train your punches.

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