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How to make dumbbells?

Physical load is a necessary condition formaintenance of health. Not everyone has the time and opportunity to visit the gym regularly. For such people, home training is best. However, not everyone of us can buy dumbbells, so it's better to make them yourself. Today, let's talk about how to make dumbbells to maintain the tone of your body.

How to make dumbbells at home: technology

For assembling self-made dumbbells or barbells we will need:

  • Iron pipe (should fit under the grasp of the brush);
  • Screws;
  • Sand with cement;
  • Various metal debris (bolts, screws, nuts, parts, etc.).

Build process

  1. Take the iron pipe and screw the screws on both sides into it. Better
    all use 4 screws on each side in such a way that they stick out in all directions. A suitable pipe can be found in plumbing warehouses or from a familiar plumber.
  2. Proceed to the manufacture of pancakes dumbbells. To do this, take a suitable container. In this case, it is best to use plastic containers (buckets) from under mayonnaise. Thoroughly lubricate the inner surface of the container with petroleum jelly. This is necessary in order that then you can remove the cement made of cement.
  3. Mix the solution using the ratio 1:3, where one part is cement, and three parts - sand. In addition, metal trash should be added to the solution. This will make the shell stronger, and also increase the weight of the future dumbbell.
  4. After the solution has been poured into the container, insert the iron pipe
    center. Be sure to ensure that the pipe is strictly perpendicular to the bottom of the container. After full drying, you can remove the container from the dumbbells.
  5. All the same needs to be done for making the second dumbbell pancake.
  6. To create a more or less accurate type of dumbbell, after its manufacture it is necessary to cover the pancakes with a "shell" solution, sand the surface and paint.
  7. After this, proceed with the manufacture of the seconddumbbells with your own hands (if necessary). Try to keep equal proportions when creating a solution in a container. Different amounts of metal debris will cause the weight of the dumbbells to be different, which is inconvenient for training.

In addition to dumbbells, other shells may be needed. For example, on how to make a bar, you will learn more from our article How to make a barbell.

In addition, you can make a whole arsenal of shells for physical exertion to use it in the country or in the courtyard for the improvement of the public amateur sports hall.

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