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How to stuff a ball?

Stamping is the main exercise fortraining football players. It is the holding (juggling) of the ball in the air by kicking, chest and head. The purpose of coining is masterful mastery of the ball.

Stamping the ball has always been a favorite kind of entertainment for many guys. How do you stuff a ball, if you're just a beginner? Before answering this question, we will deal with some points.

Why should I mint?

  • She supports the body in tonus.
  • Improves the so-called "feeling the ball."
  • You can make an impression on friends.
  • For those who want to learn football freestyle, this is one of the main exercises.
  • Thanks to coining, you can learn how to calculate the impact force.

How to start training?

Before any training, you need to do a warm-up. In connection with the fact that the load will fall on the gastrocnemius muscles, they should be kneaded well, performing a simple exercise: stand on the curb or on a regular stone with a flat surface, then climb to the toe and maximize the gastrocnemius muscle, return to its original position. Repeat the exercise 20 times for 3 sets on each leg. Breaks between approaches should not be more than one minute. This exercise trains the muscle endurance, which is very important for such an exercise as chasing.

A beginner who does not know how to mintball, it is difficult to learn this exercise. Often such people get angry because it does not work. The best option in this situation is a simple rest. When a person has rested, he can always continue training.

The main exercise in this training forThe beginner is tossing the ball up with the help of the hands and hitting the ball with the foot so that it flies back into the hands. If the exercise is brought to automaticity, then you can change your foot and stuff the ball alternately. Of course, with increasing levels, coinage should be performed without tossing with the help of hands, using only the legs.

How correctly to stuff a ball?

It is very important to learn how to stuff a ball notbent foot, but, on the contrary, arched. The thing is that the ball with the wrong position of the feet flies anywhere, but not upwards. But you do not need to unbend your leg much, because the task of training is not to increase the impact force, but to feel the ball.

The second point is the height of supporting the ball. If you hold the ball at high altitude, then learn to mint the ball will have a very long time. It is better to try to stuff the ball on your leg as low as possible. Thus, you need to work with the ball in a short amplitude.

The third point is that at first the work with the ball can not be folded up during the coinage due to the fact that the ball will "deviate" all the time. To do this, all the time you have to move to catch it.

It is important that the ball does not touch the ground. Therefore, you can safely use another leg, chest and even head, but not hands. Thus, the player will be able to increase the level of possession of the ball.

And, finally, the last point - do not stuff the ball with a straight leg. The impact pulse comes from the calf muscles, so do not overstrain the leg.

As an inference, we can say that the mainThis issue is constant training and hard work. Only constantly engaging in coining, you can achieve success and learn how to professionally fill the ball.

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