Kapa is a silicone nozzle for the jaw,which allows during the sport duels to preserve in safety not only the teeth, but also the lips of the boxers. Finished kapy to buy it is impossible, in shop only preparations are on sale. Athletes cook kapu in order to keep it as a form of teeth, and bite.

When buying a cap, be sure to ask the seller,is it intended for cooking. In addition, it is undesirable to buy cheap kapu. It can be not only fragile, which is dangerous for your teeth, but, and made of substandard plastics.

How to cook professional athletes?

You will need two deep plates. In one you can immediately pour cold water. The second plate is filled with hot water from a pre-boiled kettle. Kapu should be put in hot water for 30-40 seconds. After that, it is superimposed on the teeth. The jaw should be tightly clamped, but be careful - the hot kapu can easily be bitten by teeth. At the same time, press the kapa with your fingers on the outside so that it fits snugly against the teeth.

This procedure should be done 2-3 minutes. After that, the cap should be dipped in cold water, so that it fixes its shape.

Remember that the cap should be very tight on the teeth. Therefore, if you did not manage to cook it the first time, you can always dig it again.

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