In many films you can see how deftlysome people overcome obstacles, jump from house to house or show other acrobatic tricks. Such people are called tracers, and they will gladly tell you what parkour is.

Parkour. History of movement

This word has French roots: "parkour". Parkour is a set of skills that help to survive in unusual situations and in everyday life. The main factor is the strength and the ability to use it at the right time, in the right place. To be faster than all where your help is needed.

The ancestor of this discipline can be called J. Eber (Naval War), who created the "Natural Method". Its basis was three directions: moral qualities, fiz.sila and willpower. It happened before the First World War. His follower was the fire-fighter R. Belle. "Natural method" more than once rescued him in difficult situations. His son, David, had been following his father's training since childhood and imitated him in everything. It was he who assembled the first team (Yamakashi), they trained in Liss. Over time, it became clear that this is not just a sporting activity, but a whole trend that has its basic elements, rules and laws, philosophy.

What is the main idea of ​​parkour? There are no boundaries of perfection, there are only obstacles, here and now. To overcome them you only need to achieve harmony with yourself and your body. To do this, it is necessary to work: to master different kinds of sports, to overcome their fears, to learn to really calculate their capabilities. Real tracers help to master knowledge for free, money in their philosophy is not the main thing.

For more information on how to start parkour, you can find the address: "How to learn parkour?".

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