In connection with the popularization of martial arts inour language there are new words, the general meaning of which is clear to everyone, however, one knows the exact wording. This category includes the formulation of what is katana. Anyone will answer that this word denotes a Japanese sword, but what kind of sword and how to make a katana, not everyone will answer.

Katana is a traditional weapon of the samurai andappeared in the 15th century as a result of the evolution of the long Japanese sword of the Tati. At present, in the Japanese language, a katana is called any sword. Initially it was not so. Katana was called only a one-and-a-half-inch sword with a slightly curved one-sided blade more than 120 cm long. The main difference between katana and other types of cold steel is the manufacturing technique.

The process could take more than a dozen years and wasthe result of the work of a whole team of gunsmiths, each of which specialized at a particular stage. Steel containing nickel and chromium was aged in a bog for 8 years, so that rust was eaten up by weaknesses. Then it was forged to the thickness of the foil and folded. The number of layers could reach 50,000. There were also features in quenching technology - it was produced using liquid clay, resulting in a matt strip - yakiba. The grinding of the sword was also carried out in several stages. The result was a work of art - the "weapon of the soul" of a samurai.

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