Our today's article will be devoted toan exciting modern game like paintball. You will learn how to play paintball, how to prepare for the match and much more. Well, we will start, of course, with the choice of clothes and various accessories, because safety is paramount.

Clothes for paintball

So, what kind of clothing and ammunition is needed for paintball? Many beginners ask this question. The main advice here is that you need to take your spare clothes with you, as well as shoes, so that you can comfortably spend time after a paintball match and easily reach home. It is desirable to wear everything on yourself, which is not very pitiful: jeans, sweater, and tracksuit will suit, and in winter, an excellent option will be thermal underwear. Of course, there will be nothing to worry about with your clothes, but you will almost certainly sweat, and if you run wet more or less comfortably, then it's not very good to walk then, and in the cold season it can be fraught with a serious cold. Well, besides that, paintball suits, as well as overalls that you will be given before the match, can get wet and even skip a little paint. Of course, the paint is water-soluble and very easy to wash, but still it is better not to risk good clothes - it can also break in the heat of the fight. By the way, the paint is also absolutely safe for health, because paintball balls consist mainly of gelatin. Well, with regard to clothes it is necessary to add that it is extremely undesirable to put waterproof costumes for playing paintball, because in them all people sweat heavily, which will lead to the fogging of the protective mask, and hence the inability to adequately react to the situations that arise in the game. Well, now about how to dress up for paintball, let's move on to describing the rules of the game, and first a few words about ammunition.

Weapons and armor

In order to be able to play paintball,you need to buy or rent at least basic equipment. And here the subtleties begin, because without a special protective mask, as well as weapons, we simply have nothing to do with a marker on the field. We will not dwell here on the list of models and all sorts of advantages of this or that equipment, nor will we talk about its price, since in the overwhelming majority of cases all organizers of the paintball match must provide all these devices - and not only provide, but also teach them to use . Let's just say that the mask is the main defense of any paintball player, and the marker (the device that spits out the balls, a kind of machine) will be your main offensive weapon. Mask and marker require special handling skills. And here are the rules of paintball, which we will give for you in the form of a list, because it's much easier for you to learn them.

Paintball Rules

The three main rules relate to the handling of the mask and marker. So:

  • Under no circumstances, and under no circumstances do not remove the mask on the playing field.
  • Never point a marker at a person if you are out of the playing field or if a person on the field suddenly finds himself without a mask.
  • If you are out of the game, your marker must always be on the fuse.

Observing these three simple rules, you will saveand yourself, and others from any injuries. If you have learned them well, then you can already be trusted with a marker and even released on the field for baptism of fire. However, to have a mask and a marker is not to be a paintball player, because you also need to be able to use them. With a mask, everything is very easy - it just does not need to be removed, but with the marker you need to handle so that you get into the opponent - at least sometimes. And also you need to be able not only to shoot, but also to hide, because if you get into, you drop out of the game. And here comes into its own right tactics.

Battle tactics

First of all, consider that paintball is a gameteam, a single on the field against the whole team "to survive" is almost impossible, even if he is a big pro. Therefore, consider the following rules in the light of this information.

  • If you completely hide behind the shelter, then,undoubtedly, will remain unaffected, however in anybody and will not get and at all you will not see. That's why with each next fight try to be more active, and how to do it, rule number two will help.
  • Remember that in the game it's better to act simply andeffectively, than floridly and effectively. Forget about shooting in a jump, rides - such a seldom even the paintball aces allow themselves. If you look at how professionals play, then it looks all very simple. Short rush between the shelters and short, but directed turns due to shelters. Simple, but effective, because these movements are honed in them to automatism.
  • Correctly choose a position on the playing field, thenthere is a position that will allow you to conveniently shoot, quickly and easily change the place on the court and give you a maximum view not only of your players, but also of the enemy players. That's why you can not always sit in one place, because the situation in paintball (especially if it's a competition in the hall, that is, sports paintball, and not tactical on the street) will change with kaleidoscopic speed.
  • The captain is the main figure in the team, he needs it.listen. I remember my first paintball game. There were three of us in the team, two of whom played for the first time, but our captain was a real professional (well, or a strong lover), and thanks to him we won the tournament from four participating teams, two of whom regularly took part in paintball tournaments . And one victory was especially memorable, as we stood and won three against six. But these victories would not have been, if my partner and I had not listened to the captain.
  • And the last rule: respect your opponent! The real paintball player will never shoot at point-blank range in the enemy's unprotected place, he will not shoot at the player who has been struck before. And, in addition, he will never put himself above any other player on the court - even a beginner. Well, the last thing about paintball is age. The game is allowed to all those who at the time of the beginning of the game is already 12 years old.
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