Now there are quite a lot of differentmobile games that allow not only fun to spend leisure time, but also to support a sports form. These include paintball. What is this game, what is paintball? This is an extreme game. Literally the word "paintball" is translated as "ball with paint". In principle, this is a kind of "little boy wars". There are two teams playing, the number of people in each is negotiated beforehand. Actions can be deployed in a special room or in an open area. Purpose: to hit the enemy from a special marker (weapon). Bullets with water-soluble paint are used as bullets.

Varieties of the game

There are two varieties of the game, on their basis are created specialized clubs, competitions are held. So, the types of paintball:

  • Tactical. In this form there are practically no restrictions on the number of players, the weapons used and the place of action. It is possible to conduct battles with the use of pyrotechnics, paintball grenades and artillery, to organize "full-scale wars".
  • Sports appearance, this is a professional sport. In the battle involved 5 people (team), the competitions are held on specially equipped venues. The equipment and weapons are subject to strict requirements, which are prescribed in the rules of the tournament.

Arms and equipment

The main weapon of the player is a marker and balls with paint.

  • A marker is a pneumatic weapon that consists of a main part (marker), a barrel, a container for balls (a feeder) and an air cylinder.
  • Ball - the bullet consists of a gelatin shell and water-soluble paint, which is easily washed and completely harmless to the human body.

In special clubs, players are given gloves, protective helmets, protective vests or special suits, bandanas.

What you need for paintball

  • Comfortable, athletic shoes for the weather.
  • Clothes should not constrain movement, have good regulation of air and moisture.
  • A set of spare clothes and shoes.

And most importantly, it's a good mood and a desire to have a good rest.

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