Ronaldo de Assis Moreira is the world football star. In his career, this football player, acting under the name Ronaldinho, has changed a number of strong clubs. Among them is FC Barcelona. This is a world-famous football team, along with Madrid "Real" in a couple of the best clubs on the planet. But the team where Ronaldinho plays today is Atletico Mineiro.

Starting point of a professional career playerbecame the Brazilian "Gremio" (1995 - 2001 gg.). In 2001, the football player signed an agreement with the Parisian "Saint-Germain", which greatly reduced his popularity among the fans of "Gremio", who booed all his actions on the field in all subsequent matches.

From 2003 to 2008 Ronaldinho played for Barcelona. Yes, so successfully did it, that in 2008 he was fought for by the clubs "Manchester City" and "Milan". The winner in these auctions was the Italian club, where the player played 3 seasons. In 2010, the contract between the club Silvio Berlusconi and Zubastik was extended until 2014. But soon the player began to express disagreement with the coach, then was noticed in the bar drunk and ultimately left the club. On 10.01.2011 he became a player of Flamengo (Rio de Janeiro).

With "Atlético" (Belo Horizonte), where Ronaldinho is now playing, the contract was signed in 2012.

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