Strikeball is a kind of commandmilitary-applied game, which is conducted with the help of special pneumatic weapons, firing 6-millimeter plastic balls. Its history originates in Japan. In this country, which has no right to create its own army, in the late 80s of the last century decided to conduct military exercises in the form of tactical games. For this purpose, exact copies of real small arms, operating on the basis of pneumatics, were created. The game began to spread rapidly in Japan and America. In Russia, airsoft has been established since 1997.

To better understand what airsoft is, you should consider its main differences from the more famous game of paintball:

  • In airsoft, markers and judges are not used, this is a game of honesty. If you get into a player, he must stop the game, wearing a special bandage.
  • In airsoft from special protective ammunition only glasses are used. Plastic balls are not capable of causing significant harm, unlike heavy paintball markers.
  • Serious teams playing airsoft,try to reconstruct the ammunition and weapons of real military units, simulate real combat situations. In this game can last from a quarter of an hour to several days. Teams that do not try to achieve similarities with real units in the "pro" environment are called "Pokemon".
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