Parents start to think about the name of the childlong before his birth, but very few people know that before each child received the name of the saint in whose name-day he was born. In Russia they did not even ask "How will you name a child?" instead they said: "How will you christen it?". It is interesting that many parents today baptize their children, but they do not even understand the meaning of this sacrament.

Sacrament of Baptism

The baptism of a child is the approach of a child to God andthe removal of sins. What sins, you ask, can be a baby's? The fact that the church believes that the child is already contaminated with original sin, and the sacrament of baptism is precisely this sin and removes.

Many believe that baptizing a childwrong, because he does not yet understand the meaning of faith. It turns out that this ceremony is conducted against his will, but the truth is that adults do not fully understand the essence of religion, but in a difficult hour they turn to God and the church.

Is it necessary to baptize?

Of course, no one can make you baptizeyour child, and if you think that this decision should be taken by yourself at adulthood, it's up to you. However, you should know that you can not pray for an unbaptized child, they are also forbidden to take communion and perform all other church ordinances. Of course, if you are a convinced atheist, these arguments do not mean anything to you, however, when our children get sick, we all become believers.

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