Appointment to the saints usually occurs afterdeath of a person. To this end, the special Diocesan Commission considers the life of a person and decides whether he deserves canonization. It is worth noting that a person during life never thinks about how to become a saint, and his reckoning usually comes from his life.

Until the seventeenth century, the saints were ranked on the basis of three mandatory conditions:

  • Irreproachable faith;
  • Following all the commandments and accomplishing all the virtues, in spite of persecution and persecution;
  • Manifestation of miraculous signs and healings.

An important indicator of holiness was a floating coffin with imperishable relics.

Today these are not necessarily the conditions. For example, the Holy Mother Teresa is ranked among the Catholic saints for a virtuous way of life and great selfless work in helping those in need. But Princess Olga was ranked among the saints long before these demands. According to the legend of the coffin with imperishable relics of the princess can see only the righteous Christians.

The conditions on which are ranked as saints

  • The faith of the Church in the holiness of the glorified ascetics, who preached the teaching of God and the preaching of the gospel;
  • Martyrdom for Christ or the faith of Christ;
  • Miraculous healings or phenomena through the prayers of the saint or from his relics;
  • Great merits before the Church or the people of God;
  • Virtuous life and deeds pleasing to God;
  • Great veneration of the saint in life;

A lot of controversy was caused by the canonization of the tsarfamily, because their death can in no way be called a martyr's death for faith, but the Diocesan Commission decided that the morality and patience that the royal family showed during the period of imprisonment is worthy of being counted among the holy martyrs.

Usually a person chooses a saint for himselfpatron by the date of his birth or baptism, but you can pray to other saints in your own needs. For example, St. Panteleimon is prayed for in healing from infirmities, and St. Barbara for help in family needs. About what to do with prayer, with what feelings to pray, you can learn from our article How to pray to the saints.

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