The essence of Communion consists in the communion with Christ,through the adoption of bread and wine, symbolizing, respectively, the body and blood of Christ. This is one of the main Christian rituals. Learn more about it in the article What is the sacrament.

It is very important to know how to properly participate in thechurches. You can start with reading the rules to the Holy Communion, in order to better understand everything or read the basic rules here. Communion can be obtained by any baptized Orthodox Christian.

Preparing for the sacrament

  • Before communion it is necessary to observe strictfasting, which means that you can not eat not only meat and fish, but also eggs and dairy products. It should also avoid conjugal intimacy. It is advisable not to watch movies and television programs, do not listen to the radio and do not read fiction and entertaining literature.
  • Before Communion, it is worth paying special attention toprayer. In addition to the morning and evening prayers, it is imperative to find time and during the day. In my free time, read spiritual literature. It is advisable to attend Divine Services.
  • Before communion it is necessary to confess,so you should know in advance when the confession takes place in the temple where you are going to take communion. But you should remember your sins not only during confession, but all the rest of the time. And not only to remember, but also sincerely repent of them, and if it is possible, then correct (ask for forgiveness, help others). The meaning of confession is not so much to make up for the sins of the past, but rather to not sin in the present, and the next time in such a situation to do the right thing, kindly. You can also read about confession and communion in the article How to Confess and Communicate.
  • In no case can we take communion, being in mortal sin and not repenting in it - this is considered even more sin and makes only worse.


Now consider the communion itself, the rules necessary for observance during the ritual:

  1. When the royal doors open, the priest and deacon go out onto the pulpit with a bowl, an earthly bow is performed.
  2. Communion takes place in turn. In the beginning, clergymen, after them monks, and then laymen: children, men and women behind them.
  3. Go to the pulpit on the right side.
  4. Cross and cross his arms cross on his chest, right from above and approach the priest, to name the name obtained at the baptism.
  5. The priest, when he reads the prayer, will submit the sacred gifts that must be eaten.
  6. The deacon wipes the mouth of the communion, after which he receives the communion, without touching his hands, kissing the edge of the cup.
  7. After that, they pass to a table with a drink, eat a piece of prosphora and drink it with red wine. Then you can apply to the icon.
  8. Only after that you can start talking.
  9. At the end of the Liturgy, believers are applied to the cross and read "Thanksgiving Prayers for Holy Communion".

Small children can be communicated immediately after baptism, on the pulpit to the priest they are brought in their hands. And they hold on their right hand during the adoption of the holy gifts by the child.

If a believer because of illness can not himself come to the sacrament, then the priest can Communicate it in a hospital or at home.

The holy gifts for the ritual can be taken only once, even if they are being communicated from several bowls.

If you still have questions, you can read the article How to Communicate in the Church.

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