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What do you need for baptism?

Baptism in the life of an Orthodox person isone of the most important events, because during it occurs his spiritual birth. Most often such sacred ordinance is organized by parents for their newborn children. It is believed that after the child receives a blessing and protection from adversity and disease. But also cases of its carrying out at mature age when the not baptized person wishes to clear a soul, receive approval of the Supreme and some pass to the Kingdom of God are also not uncommon. But in any case, you need to know how to prepare for such an event and what is needed for it.

Choosing a place for baptism

First of all, it is necessary to decide on thethe place where baptism will take place. The best place for this is an Orthodox church, you can choose it based on your own preferences. Baptism itself can be performed on any day, even on a holiday and fast, usually such a rite is held after the morning prayer.

Choosing Godparents

The choice of godparents should be approachedwith all responsibility. You need to choose from your circle those people who are ready to take part in the subsequent education of your child and, if necessary, become his guardians, if the parents are unhappy.

It is important to take into account that non-believers can not become godmothers for a child and an adult person, and also:

  • the wife or the bride and groom, since intimate relations are forbidden between the godparents;
  • monks and nuns;
  • heterodox;
  • the parents of the child;
  • unbaptized people;
  • Epiphany
    minors, since it is believed that they do not yet have a strong faith and they can not accept all the responsibility that lies with the godparents;
  • people who take part in different cult sects.

Choosing a spiritual name

At the baptism of a child and an adultthe priest calls his spiritual name. It may differ from what is written on the birth certificate. Many advise him to choose according to the Orthodox calendar to name the child or adult the name of the saint, who will later become his keeper. But it is not mandatory, you can choose a modern name that you like.

Necessary things for baptism

Before baptism, you must necessarily prepare all the necessary things for the ritual, because without them it will be impossible to hold it. Here is their list:

  1. Native cross. For the child, a small cross, which can be made of ordinary metal or silver, is suitable. Adult
    can choose for themselves a cross in accordance with their preferences. It can even be made of gold and inlaid with precious stones.
  2. The Baptistery. Such a thing is entrusted to buy the godmother. She resembles an ordinary nightgown, but she has a cross on her back.
  3. Diaper. After the child's baptism, you will need to wipe it off, so you need to take a sweatshirt with you. For an adult, there will be enough towels.
  4. A certificate of baptism. It can be taken directly in the church. But it is important to make sure that it is properly and completely filled. It should contain the following information: the name of the child and godparents, the date of the rite, the name and surname of the clergyman, the name of the temple, the indication of the Day of the Angel and the heavenly patron.

Also, baptism will require church candles. If the child receives the name of an Orthodox saint, you will need to purchase his icon and bring it to the rite.

What do you need to know the godparents?

The godfather during the ritualwill have a special mission, so they must prepare for it thoroughly. It is necessary not only to buy all the necessary things together with the parents, but also to learn a number of prayers: "Theotokos Devo", "Our Father" and "The Symbol of Faith", the latter is read aloud for the child, so it is important to know

its by heart. You can find all these prayers in a short prayer, which you can always buy in a church shop.

Also, the godparents on the eve of the rite shouldgo to the temple, repent of all committed sins, confess and receive communion. You can also observe the fasting week. On the day of the rite they can not eat and make love.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that there isan unspoken rule: all the costs that are associated with baptism are borne by the shoulders of the godparents. At the same time, in many churches there are no certain quotations for such a rite, so voluntary donations will be required.

Baptism of an adult

Unlike a child, a serious burden is placed on an adult person during baptism. He must prepare spiritually for such a rite. This is required for

pray for a few weeks, go totemple, talk with clergymen. It is advisable to start fasting a month before the rite - this will clear the flesh. You will also need to learn the prayers, since you will need to read the "Creed" symbol yourself.

It is very important that an adult has a strong faithin Christ, he must firmly understand that after baptism he will need to follow the laws of the Orthodox Church, to try to conduct all subsequent life sinlessly and piously.

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