Any monastery is an unusual place. It is a shrine, where people live, who dedicated their lives to the service of God. In the monastery quietly and calmly, on its territory anyone can find comfort and shelter. Below it will be described how you can get to the monastery.

How can I get to the monastery?

If a person decided to go to a monastery, hethere must be strong will and serious intentions. After making this step, he withdraws from worldly pleasures and takes the path of serving God. It is important to remember that there are rules in this institution that can not be disputed.

To become a monk or a nun, it will be necessarygo a certain way. First of all, you should go to the church and say about the decision to your confessor, and if he is not, then to the priest. He will ask many questions aimed at finding out your true intentions. When he is convinced of them, he will be able to advise the monastery, which will receive you, and possibly, and agree on a meeting with his superior. You can also find the address of the monastery on your own and come to talk with his rector about your intentions.

Before you get into the female or malemonastery as a monk or nun, it will be necessary to find a job there. A person in this role, as a rule, lives at the monastery, performing various jobs - cleaning up the premises, preparing food, looking after the garden, vegetable garden and so on. During this time a person will look at life in a monastery and will be able to decide for himself whether to stay in this place or better to continue his life among people.

If a person does not like this imagelife, he can talk with the abbot and leave. But it happens that a person is only strengthened in his decision to become a monk, he is happy to do the work, he teaches the psalms. As a worker, a person can live from 2 to 5 years. After that, he is elevated to the rank of novice. Later, if the hegumen is convinced of his intentions to become a monk, a person is accepted into the brotherhood.

How to get to the monastery as a tourist?

You can get to the monastery as a tourist. After all, in such places a special atmosphere, you can see ancient relics, talk with monks. In this case, you can simply find out the address of this or that monastery and go. However, it is better to make a preliminary call, because in such institutions there are no reception days.

In addition, you can contact the touristagency and get into the monastery together with other people. Especially popular are the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, Borisoglebsky Monastery, Novospassky Monastery, Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery. You can find out how to get there, from our article - Pskov-Pechersky Monastery. How to get there.

More information on the monastic lifestyle you learn from our article - What is a monastery.

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