In most of the world's religions, the basic formasking God to pray is a prayer. Prayer is, in fact, a hot request, that is, a plea for help. However, even true believers often have questions about how to ask God for help, and what exactly can they ask for? We will try to answer these questions.

How to properly ask the god for help

In order for your prayers to the Supreme to be heard, it is necessary to know how to ask God's help right. For this, it is necessary to observe a number of conditions. Namely:

  1. The most important condition for turning to God is faith. Therefore, before asking God for help, it is necessary to be certain that he is. It is unlikely that God will help someone who doubts his existence. A believing person does not have to be a parishioner of a particular church, enough that he has his own idea of ​​God in his soul and believed in him.
  2. You need to turn to God at the moment of a spiritual impulse, that is, when you have a sincere need to address the Supreme. Allocate for this some special time is not necessary.
  3. It is necessary to create quiet conditions for prayer,that is, abstract from distracting thoughts and actions. No matter what the entourage will be, you can pray in the temple in front of the icon, and secluded in a quiet room, and even during a trip on the bus. The main thing is to concentrate on prayer.
  4. Before asking for help from God, one shouldthank him. After all, you can always find something to say to the creator of "thank you": for a new day, for the health of relatives, for peace in the country or family, and so on. Gratitude will help create the right atmosphere, saturated with respect and humility.
  5. After thanks, you need to ask God forforgiveness of sins. There are no strict rules determining how to ask God's forgiveness. The main thing in this is the sincere repentance of the supplicant. Do not hide your sins. After all, honesty before oneself and God is an important condition for turning to the Supreme.
  6. Turning to God with a request, it is importantfocus on one, the most important desire, and ask for its fulfillment. The request should be specific and fair. It does not matter whether it is formulated in one's own words, or learned from a prayer book. The request with which you refer to God should not only be felt, but also meaningful. Imagine that God is standing next to you and listening attentively to your words.
  7. What to ask of God is a personal matter. The main thing is that in these requests there is nothing that can harm other people. For example, if you are thinking about whether it is possible to ask God for the murder of a person who has done something bad, then the answer is impossible. Ask God to punish the offender, but God knows how to do it.

Of course, different religions and faiths have their own, certain rules and rituals prescribing how to ask for help from God. To observe them or not every believer should decide for himself.

Is it possible to ask God for money?

You can ask for anything from God. It is not without reason that it is said in the Gospel of Matthew (7: 7): "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. " Many think that asking God for money or other material benefits is not allowed. It is impossible (and useless) only if you expect that these goods will suddenly appear out of nowhere, or you want to direct them to an evil deed. And there are also lines in the Gospel of Jacob (4: 3): "Ask, and do not receive, because ask not for good, but to use for your lusts." In other words, asking God for something useful, not pleasant. For example, if a person needs a car for work or family needs, it will become a useful material good. If someone asks God for a chic auto of the last brand in order to cause the dependency of others around - this is an excess that can not be called useful. Having reached a certain level of spiritual development, each believer understands that it is best to ask the god for something spiritual, for example about the speediest solution of problems, about giving wisdom, endurance, confidence, health and optimism. If a person has all these advantages, then material goods will not take long to wait. After all, God very often gives a person not the desired, but the opportunity to receive it. Do not miss these opportunities - the main task of man.

Now you know what to ask of God and how to do is right. The main thing is to believe that the Lord will never leave the needy for his help, and not to plan evil. God is a loving father who will always find a way to help his children.

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