Fasting is not a strict diet, but a temporaryabstaining from eating and drinking (completely or of a certain kind). Unfortunately, not many people who want to fast, know how to eat right in fasting.

Before you proceed to the post, you need toto understand the rules that should be adhered to (information on this can be found in the article How to Keep Fasting), and it is good to think over your diet, and can even make a lean menu.

Permitted products

During fasting you can use:

  • Vegetables and fruits. They are sources of a large number of vitamins, which are necessary for our body. In summer, you can prepare all kinds of salads, stews or casseroles from fresh vegetables, and for the winter you can prepare pickles from vegetables and fruits: sauerkraut, apples or tomatoes, pickles, carrots and beets. Do not limit yourself to these products alone, the diet should also include zucchini, pepper, cauliflower, corn and green peas.
  • Kasha - the main component of the menu inthe time of fasting. The main thing that should be remembered - you need to cook the porridge on the water, and not with the addition of milk and butter. This does not mean that the porridge will be tasteless. To improve the palatability of the dish from the porridge you can add dried fruits, vegetables and fruits, mushrooms.
  • Vegetable protein. During fasting, it is forbidden to eat meat, eggs and dairy products (which are the main suppliers of protein), so they should be replaced with foods that contain vegetable protein. And this is soy, a variety of mushrooms, aubergines and legumes.
  • Bread. In the diet should be present rye bread from wholemeal without adding oil, margarine and eggs.

Prohibited products

In a post to the forbidden products carry:

  • Meat. This product and its derivatives are prohibited. To this list you can also include chicken, eggs and dairy products: milk, kefir, sour cream. Do not forget about the dishes, which include these products, even in very small quantities, for example, mayonnaise, of which egg yolks are an integral part.
  • Fish and fish products. Unlike meat dishes, the use of fish is allowed in non-strict lean days, and in strict conditions is also prohibited.
  • Vegetable oil. In summer, alternative options may be vinegar, lemon juice or a weak pickle. And for frying it's worth getting a Teflon frying pan on which you can fry without using oil.
  • Fatty sweets, chocolate, pastries are also bannedto make a diet in the post. As an exception, you can eat small amounts of black bitter chocolate without adding milk, as well as lean candies and gingerbread.
  • Alcohol and alcoholic beverages.

Stand-up menu

The main allowed products are vegetables, fruits and cereals, which is why they form the basis of the lean menu:

  1. Vegetable and fruit salads, excluding the use of vegetable oil and mayonnaise. For example,
    • salad of avocado, sweet pepper and orange;
    • salad from avocado, pear, sweet pepper and lemon;
    • salad "Vinaigrette";
    • salad from boiled vegetables.
  2. Cooked and stewed vegetables. Very popular at this time are stuffed peppers and vegetable stew. You can bake vegetables and fruits in the oven (baked potatoes, carrots, beets, baked apples and pears).
  3. Kashi. It is desirable to cook them for a couple. But if there is no such possibility, then it is necessary to bring the water to a boil in a container, and then put the croup in the water and boil until cooked. An alternative to rice dairy rice porridge is rice porridge on the water with the addition of prunes, raisins, apples or nuts, and pilaf can be cooked with mushrooms. Pea porridge can be supplemented with fresh, pickled and stewed vegetables.
  4. First meal. During the fast, you should not give up on the first dishes. They should be cooked without the addition of meat products and vegetable oil. An example is a vegetable soup with canned peas or mushrooms, or tomato soup with lentils.
  5. Flour products. If the dough for dumplings does not add eggs, they can be added to the lean menu. Vareniki can be cooked with potatoes and mushrooms.
  6. Beverages. As the main drinks use freshly squeezed juices from vegetables and fruits, as well as drinks made from dried fruits. A good refreshing drink can be julep from mint, lime and mineral water.
  7. Dessert. For dessert, fasting and fasting sweets are used. Cakes, pies and pastries based on fats should be excluded from their lean menu.

More dishes that can be cooked during the fast can be found in the category: Dishes in the post.

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