Sometimes you hear from people that they would like to go to church, but do not know the rules of behavior in the temple. Often people do not know how to be baptized in the church.

The sign that we make with our own hand is a ritual. One of the important elements of the liturgy in Orthodox and Catholic churches. The sign of the cross is the beginning and the end of the prayer. If we believe in God and are called Christians, then we must fulfill the Laws of God, as Jesus Christ taught us. He not only teaches us to believe in God, He saved mankind from sins and eternal death. The Son of God was crucified on the cross, he died and rose again on the third day. Jesus Christ suffered on the cross and was tormented for the sins of all mankind, thus, not only was sin defeated by Him, He conquered death and rose again. The cross became the instrument of His victory over death. Therefore, we, expressing our faith in Jesus Christ, wear a cross on the body. In addition, we are still baptized.

Do we know how to be baptized?

To be baptized, you need to be able to correctly do thisdo. In order to cross, you need to put the index, big and middle fingers together, and to the palm of your hand you need to press the little finger and the ring finger. Belief in the indivisible Trinity: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is expressed in the folded three first fingers. And those fingers that are drawn to the palm express the nature of God and man.

When drawing a cross, you need to put your fingers together,as described above, attach to the forehead. This means that our mind is consecrated. Then, fingers touch the stomach, so our inner feelings are consecrated. In order for our bodily forces to be sanctified, fingers are first guided to the right, and then to the left shoulder.

If you know how to be baptized in a church, thenThis cross will give you more power so that you can drive away evil from yourself. It must be remembered that you need to be baptized slowly, so that these movements are in the form of a cross, and not just waving your hands. If the cross is done carelessly, this is called blasphemy and is considered a sin.

When you need to be baptized:

  • at the entrance to and exit from the temple
  • in the beginning, in the end and during the prayer
  • approaching the whole saint
  • touching the icon and the cross
  • in sorrow and joy

Teach your child to be baptized and believe in God from a young age.

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