If your friend or girlfriend goes to another church,then for certain, you will ask her or him questions about the differences in your churches. But often people do not know about what churches are, and what are the differences between them.

What are the churches?

First, you should know that Catholics andProtestants, too, are Christians. Christianity, in turn, is divided into 3 main currents: Catholicism, Orthodoxy and Protestantism. However, there is no single Protestant Church, there are several thousand Protestant denominations around the world, and several Churches are independent of each other in the Orthodox Church.

In addition to the Russian Orthodox Church, there isGeorgian, Greek, Serbian, Romanian Orthodox Churches and others. Orthodox Churches are governed by patriarchs, archbishops and metropolitans. It should be noted that not all Orthodox Churches have common prayers and ordinances, and some do not want to recognize each other as true churches.

In the Russian Federation itself, the Orthodox Churchesseveral, except the Russian Orthodox Church, there is also the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad and others. From this we can conclude that the world Orthodoxy has no single leadership. But, nevertheless, the Orthodox believe that the very unity of the Orthodox Church lies in mutual fellowship, in its sacraments and a single doctrine.

Catholicism is one universalChurch. Therefore all its parts in all countries of the world share a common dogma, communicate among themselves and recognize as their head the Pope. In the Catholic Church there is a division into rites. For example, communities within the Catholic Church differ from each other in church discipline and forms of liturgical worship. Therefore, there are Catholics of the Roman rite, the Byzantine rite and others, but they are all parishioners of the same Church.

Differences of churches

The main difference between the Catholic andThe Orthodox Churches are a different understanding of the unity of the Church. Thus, the Orthodox share the same faith and sacraments, while Catholics also have a single head of the Church - the Pope, who is the leading figure in matters of morality and faith, government and discipline, while the Orthodox do not recognize the primacy of the Pope. Also, both churches are distinguished by their understanding of catholicity or universality. According to the Orthodox, the Ecumenical Church is "embodied" in any local Church, which is headed by a bishop. However, Catholics add to relate to the Universal Church, any local church should communicate with the local Roman Catholic Church. The Catholic Church has a dogma that marriage is for life and divorce is prohibited, the Orthodox Church in some cases allows divorce.

If we consider the types of churches, their differences, thenstands apart, the Protestant Church. Protestantism is a collection of numerous and independent communities and churches, connected by a common confession of Martin Luther. His roots go back to early Christianity. The main difference between Protestantism is that as the basis of the Christian life is taken exclusively the Holy Scripture, that is, the Bible. The remaining legends that emerged later are recognized as useful for study, but by status are not the unquestionable foundations of faith. Protestantism shares the general Christian beliefs about the existence of God, his triunity, about hell and heaven, the immortality of the soul, but rejects the Catholic idea of ​​purgatory. Now you know what kind of churches there are, and what are their main differences, and maybe decide which church to walk in, if your something does not suit you. In addition, the above information will help you, do not get in trouble with a person who goes to a completely different church, because you will be correct in your statements.

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