In the life of any person, there are certainrituals, some of which are related to birth and death. The departure from this life of relatives and friends is celebrated, remembering those who left on certain dates. Why are 9 days and 40 days commemorated?

According to Orthodox ideas from the thirdon the ninth day the soul of the deceased, accompanied by a soma of angels, has the opportunity to view the paradise in all details. This time the soul of the deceased devotes to the study of the afterlife. On the ninth day the soul appears before God, and relatives and friends commemorate, offer prayers, order a requiem, so that the soul of the deceased can adequately endure this test. The remembrance of a relative left in the world is performed on this day in honor of the nine grades of the angels. There is also the notion that on this day the soul is supposedly completely separated from the body.

What does 9 days 40 days mean? These are the days of the commemoration of the dead, these days it is also believed that relatives with their prayers can improve the fate of the departed in the afterlife, since the soul itself can not change anything.

9, 40 days after death are important dates inthe afterlife of the human soul, and the Orthodox Church calls especially actively to pray for the dead during this period. Until the 40th day, the soul of the deceased passes through all the circles of hell and to the troubles, the sins committed to her during life are shown to her. It is believed that on this day the Lord makes the final decision on the soul's stay until the Last Judgment. The prayers of relatives can help to make up for sins, which is why the commemoration is so important that day. Later it also occurs on certain days.

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