Sometimes a person notices only negative eventsin his life, focusing on what he does not have, and forgets to thank the Lord. But it's not right. Whatever emotion you feel, thank the Creator for everything he has given you. Think about what happened and what is now good in your life. Very often people do not pay any attention to the good things that they have and complain about, for example, that they do not have a chic machine, although they drive a middle class car, they do not have their own home, although they have a good apartment in the property and so on. They do not understand why they thank God and subsequently remain with nothing: no shelter, no car, and so on. Everyone wants to eat deliciously, forgetting about starving people - people in dire need of help.

When we express our gratitude to God, we aremost we acknowledge our dependence on Him. In the Holy Scriptures, the reasons why people need to thank God are indicated. Our great example is Jesus, the Son of God, giving thanks to the Father in his prayers. The heart of man should be filled with gratitude to God for the fact that by his mercy the Lord brought us into His Kingdom of Light, in which Christ will eternally rule.

How to thank God

  • If you do not know the right prayer, you can thank God in your own words. After doing this, cross three times on the right to the left side, saying: "In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen".
  • Also, if there are enough people around you, you canjust say to yourself: "Thank you, Lord!" Based on the Orthodox doctrine, Christians thank the Lord for everything. Even if something dashing happens in life, the Orthodox believe that God is sending these tests to them, so that a person confesses his mistakes, repents of perfect sins and takes a new path - the path of correction.
  • Having carefully read the Psalter - a book thatis part of the Bible, you will find 150 songs in it, most of which are dedicated solely to the thanksgiving of the Lord. Read this sacred book, and you will certainly feel that you have become stronger spiritually.
  • Visit any Orthodox church. At church employees get a candle and put it before the icon with the image of the Savior. Often, this face is placed on the right side of the altar. In the church shop you can buy prayers (in case you do not know the thanksgiving prayer). This special book contains not only thankful, but also for all occasions of prayer. You can put as many tools as you want in the donation boxes in the temple. Usually, these alms are used to buy church utensils, restore the temple, etc. By this, you will thank God.
  • You can also order a candle box in the templeThe Thanksgiving Moleben - is a special service where the priest reads certain prayers to the Lord. To do this, write on the piece of paper the names of those from whom the moleben will be performed.
  • Do any good work - this will be the best gratitude. Give alms, feed a hungry cat or dog, help your relatives, etc.

Christian parable

One man felt that he owed much to the LordGod, as he happily avoided the life threatening his life. Once in a conversation with a friend, he asked what to do to thank God with dignity. In response, a friend told him such a story.

The young man was very fond of one girl andasked her to become his wife. However, the young woman had other plans. And then one day, while walking along the street at the crossroads, the girl nearly got hit by a car. She did not die just because of the dexterity of a guy who jerked her back. Then the girl turned and said: "Now I will be your wife."

- How do you think, how did the guy feel at this moment? Asked a friend.

And instead of answering his friend only grunted his mouth in displeasure.

"You see," his friend said to him again, "maybe your behavior now causes the same feelings in God."

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