The main interest is that the matches are,perhaps, the simplest and easily accessible material for the manufacture of hand-made articles. Their price is very small, usually about one ruble per box of matches (and this is 50 pieces plus / minus 5). In addition, the very work with matches can be a great pleasure. So, let's find out what can be done from matches, such a simple, seemingly material.

How to turn a slide of sticks into a masterpiece

The process of creating products from matches is lawfulascribed to art. Directly from the hands of real professionals of this exotic business, unique things come off, surprising with the extraordinary complexity and at the same time simplicity of ideas. People who have reached the heights in this occupation can make almost everything from matches: temples, exquisite palaces, tiny houses and even entire cities. On the modeling of buildings, the scope of their creativity does not end, for example, a lot of hand-made models of cars, airplanes, sailing ships and even space, very futuristic cars and starships. To make something from matches, it takes a lot of time, it can take a couple of hours or even six months - it all depends on the complexity of your idea.

Crafts from matches, and more specifically, the very process of making something, develops such qualities as:

  1. patience;
  2. perseverance and accuracy of movements;
  3. ingenuity;
  4. attentiveness to small details;
  5. Strong aspiration to achieve deliberately set goals;
  6. creative character traits, fantasy and an active position.

Methods of making crafts from matches

Yes, before making something out of matches,it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the techniques of working with them. There are two generally accepted techniques for working with matches. They differ only in the need to use glue. If you do something from matches using glue, then this is much easier than without it. Just think, matches are perfectly glued material. To model from matches is very easy for adults, though for children, this is the specificity of these "details". Bending and gluing together matches, we can achieve a variety of shapes, shapes and blanks for all sorts of shapes, pieces of furniture or large-scale objects. A feature of the method with the use of glue is the phasing. It is necessary to allow the glue to dry before proceeding with the next step, because the matches can slide over each other.

If you want to learn how to make a matchanything without the use of glue, then be ready to show the greatest accuracy. Yes, in work without glue you will need maximum persistence, because the slightest oversight or sloppiness will lead to skewing or even to the collapse of the craft.

How do matches manage to stick without glue? By and large, only due to the frictional force between them, provided also by the pressure of the upper layers of the craft. The match heads of the master are used as "locks" between layers or levels of the product like the building fasteners "swallowtail". Unless special selections in matches can not be done, and this complicates the work of making crafts from matches even more.

You ask yourself: what can be done from matches? Well, your first crafts will be a box. Just a box, the assembly instruction is below.

  1. We take 6 matches and remove the sulfur heads.
  2. We cook 2 matches in a special way: remove the heads and shorten by one-third in length.
  3. We put 4 matches tightly next to each other.
  4. Across them we put 2 matches shortened in step and securely glued. We got a wall or a bottom. Such walls must be made 3 pieces.
  5. We glue 3 sides between each other with long sides.
  6. Repeating steps 1-4, we make two short walls.
  7. We glue them on the sides of the structure, mutually perpendicular to all three "long" walls.

The drawer is ready!

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