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How to catch a carp?

The dream of any fisherman is to catch a great, beautiful carp to boast of catches to friends and bring booty home. Such a catch will become the pride of any man, for how to catch a carp?

Many video programs are devoted to how to catch a carp, for example, here is this:

First you need to decide which carp you arewant to catch. If your goal is a large, "trophy" carp, weighing 5-10 kg., You should immediately understand that it will take not only a lot of effort and time. You will also have to spend a lot of money, as large carps are adults, smart individuals, which you can not take for a common bait.

Young carps weighing 1.5-2 kg. are not particularly picky in food, so they can be caught on corn, worm, sunflower or soybean cake, etc. Greater importance here is tackle - especially a spiral, it is with it that fishermen achieve the greatest success.

If you want to catch a bigger carpcaliber, then you need to understand the logic of fish, because the weight in 5-10 kg. reach only fish older than three years, which means it is much more experienced and how to not get caught by the fishing line.

First you need to decide on the place. Carp of different sizes are found in ponds and in flooded quarries, as well as in rivers fenced with dams. Also, carp can be found on the site of an abandoned fish farm, however, there is mainly fish, grown on mixed fodder, and therefore the taste of it will be quite different.

A large carp is required to be fed - approximately10-15 kg. feed, and the amount of feed depends on how large a fish you want to lure. Young carp can not quickly cope with such food, but because there is a chance to catch something bigger.

Catching a carp should be done immediately with a few gears,and the tackles should be strong and strong, as well as fishing line and fishing rod, because of the weight of a large fish, which will be pulled out with all its might, a fishing line or a rod can simply break down. It is best to ask for tackles in specialized stores, where sellers will tell you which type is best suited to catch a carp.

In summer, carp is much easier to catch, becauseThe fish is active and eats a lot. For successful fishing, enough for each fishing area (5X5 meters) to pour for 4-5 kg. prikormki and arrange gear. But they need to be checked every two hours, as carp can deftly withdraw the bait.

But how to catch carp in winter - is quite differentquestion. Since the fish is inactive, it can take 10-12 hours to determine the location. Fish in the winter half asleep, it can stand in one place for days, and in search of food to go out for only an hour or two. So you need to prepare in advance for patient waiting, or choose some other fish for your winter fishing purpose.

Whatever it was, the most important thing in fishing is not only skill, but also the popularity of the fisherman in Fortune, and therefore all the lucky catch!

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