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How to catch catfish?

Catfish is a bottom inhabitant. This fish can safely be called omnivorous. He devours frogs, other fish, mollusks, can attack small waterfowl, does not disdain various food waste entering the pond. Catching catfish is not an easy task. It rarely rises to the surface. And in order for fishing to be successful, you need special fishing equipment, knowledge of the habits of this fish, patience and, of course, good luck. Now we will consider in detail how to catch a catfish, at what time of the year and day it is better to catch it, which bait to use?

Time and bait

Experienced fishermen, who know how to catch catfish, the mostThe best period of bite is considered to be July and August, right after the spawning of this fish. The temperature in the reservoirs is quite warm, and the catfish often rises to the surface. Usually the catfish is active at night, and the best time to catch from dusk to dawn. But it happens that the fishermen are lucky and in the afternoon, if the bait passes near the mouth of the pasture, he will try not to miss the prey.

As a bait, you can use frogs, zhivtsa, kvok, imitating frog croaking. Catfish are omnivorous, and almost any bait will seem appetizing to him.

How to catch catfish on donku

A catfish is a strong and large fish, therefore for itfishing requires strong gear. Donka should be equipped with a metal leash, a thick line, if there is none, then it can be weaved from several thin ones.

Donkeys are usually arranged as follows: one put on the pit itself, and two on the lower part of the dump. It is necessary to firmly fix the donkeys and adjust the coils in such a way that when the bite is sharp, a line of 2-3 meters was handed over.

Catfish catches on the donkeys at night. In the evening they build a fire on the shore and wait for a bite.

How to catch catfish on spinning

I catch catfish on spinning can not be called the mosta common way, but it is undoubtedly the most interesting and exciting. Those who watched the video, how to catch a catfish, realize that it is not easy to cope with a large catfish.

It is necessary to use a spinning of about three meterslength, it is mandatory to use a power coil, a long and strong line, and do not forget to equip your spinning with a friction brake, this function is definitely needed if you get a large copy. The bait needs to be used heavy, this will allow it to sink faster to the very bottom, to where the river giants dwell. Lead the lure slowly, along the very bottom.

The main secret of successful fishing: how to catch catfish

The success of catching catfish depends to a great extent onthe ability of a fisherman to find places where catfish hide, the so-called catfish pits. Usually it is pools or pits with a sandy or clay bottom, it's good if there are snags, bottom drops, trees, wells, rocks and other natural shelters. In addition, catfish like pits, having steep descents in depth.

Of course, such a hole in an unfamiliar pond to a newcomerit will be difficult to find, an experienced soma hunter will be able to find it in two or three days, but the easiest way is to just talk with local fishermen, they will certainly show you the reserved places if they are sure that you are not a poacher, but a peaceful angler.

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