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How to catch a pike?

Pike is a predatory freshwater fish, whichis widespread almost everywhere. It is not found only in musty small ponds with standing water, and even then there are exceptions. But despite the fact that it is impossible to name this fish, the pike, especially the large one, is considered an enviable trophy, because the cunning and cautiousness of this fish have become proverbs and sayings. Experienced fishermen are very fond of discussing how to catch a pike, video spread, show off photos, share experiences, discuss bait.

How to catch a pike in summer

Pike fishing methods depend very much onseason. In the summer, this fish likes to hide in shady places, under driftwood, in lilies of water lilies or reeds, often goes to a depth where the water is cooler. When the weather is sultry, it is better to catch on bait, and on rainy or stormy days the activity of pike rises, and you can try spinning. It is necessary to use a heavy bait to provide the necessary range and depth of casting.

Very often novice fishermen wondering howcatch a pike, ask what bait is best used. There is no unequivocal answer, in each pond this clever fish has its own preferences. Somewhere ideally suits the wobbler, somewhere zhivets, well and in other reservoirs the pike goes exclusively on a spoon-bait.

Pike fishing in autumn

In autumn pike is better to catch on spinning, at this timepike is forced to actively hunt, before the cold winter, it strives to accumulate as much fat as possible, and therefore rarely stands in one place. Find a place where you need to throw a bait, it is quite difficult, but spinning can provide quite a decent catch.

Those who are attracted to the autumn fishing, it is worth havingin view of the fact that at this time of year the pike is much easier to catch in small rivers or shallow water bodies. In large lakes, this predator even easily finds food in the fall.

How to catch a pike in winter

In winter, fish gather in small flocks or jambsand stands in secluded places: deep pits or reaches, that's where you need to catch a pike. The most successful time for fishing when the ice is just starting to rise, thaw, and also, when the first spring polynyas appear. During these periods the fish rises to the surface and it can be caught practically round the clock. In winter, the pike is caught in a jigger, or, as it is also called, a bait rod. By the end of winter, it is best to fish at the mouth of rivers, where it goes to spring spawning.

How to catch a pike in the spring

In spring, when there are extensive polynyas, pikeclimb up, warm in the first rays of the sun. Then the first spinners leave for the spring hunt. This time is considered the best for catching, because the fish is still sluggish and inactive after the winter period, and bites on almost any bait.

During the day you need to look for the pike near the ice edge, and closer toIn the evening they go to depth, gather at the edges of the depressions and pits. There are small tricks that every fisherman must know, interested in how to catch a pike on a spinning spring. If you are planning fishing on a bright sunny day, you should catch on a dull faded spoon, gray or creamy silicone baits. And in the evening, silvery baubles, yellow or white vibrotails and twisters are suitable. In the evening, use a weighted bait to ensure sufficient casting depth and guide it slowly and slowly.

There is one more thing that must be donetake into account, going for the spring fishing of the pike. Fish are caught well only when the atmospheric pressure is stable for several days. With reduced or increased pressure, the fish falls into a stupor, and it is not interested in even the most appetizing bait.

Although the season of spring catching is usually discovered inMarch, this is not the best time to catch a pike. Cold and unstable weather can spoil all the fun. It is much more pleasant to go fishing in April, the ice goes away, the water temperature rises, and the pike, hungry after winter, eagerly pecks at a suitable bait.

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