Guitar is a tool that excites the stringsof the human soul. For some reason, it is precisely this instrument that has such an expression, which is unquestionably true. Hearing the sounds of the strings in silence, we immediately immerse ourselves in some special world of fantasy and music. Today, dear reader, we will talk about how to choose a guitar to learn how to create this world.

Choosing a guitar

It should be noted that the guitar is the mostA common tool among all the others. It is used in a huge number of styles. The invention of the electric guitar in the 20th century had a powerful influence on the entire music world and on the development of music in general.

How to choose an acoustic guitar? First of all, it is necessary to know and distinguish the types of guitars. Speaking of an acoustic instrument, it is worth noting that its body is much thicker than its electric counterpart. The fact is that the sound extracted from the acoustic guitar does not increase in any way, so you need a wooden "sounding" case. Here's where to start your choice. Guitar bodies are made of three materials. The first of these is the cardboard. This guitar does not sound at all, although it is very cheap. The fact is that the glue that connects parts of cardboard "strangles" the sound. As a result, only the strings sound, but the case remains deaf. A much cleaner and more beautiful sound is produced by guitars made of wood or synthetic materials. Before buying a particular instrument, you must carefully inspect the guitar for chipped or dented. Places of sizing must be done very carefully. Pay special attention to the place of the junction of the neck and the body of the guitar.

Continue your choice with strings. If you see that the nylon strings are installed on the guitar (it is more correct to say "synthetic"), then you will not have the opportunity to subsequently install metal, as the case for such strings is made more durable. Important role is played by the future repertoire. If you want to perform your works in classical style, then it's best to choose nylon strings. If your path is loud domestic songs - then buy a guitar with metal strings. Here's how to choose the strings for a guitar.

How to choose the right guitar? It is worth paying special attention to the neck of the guitar. This guitar element will determine your convenience of playing on it. The methods of attaching the neck to the body are different. The first of these is the fastening screw on the adjusting screw. What, in fact, is preferable, because with this screw you can adjust the distance between the strings and the neck. The second way is to glue the neck to the body. In this case, you will not be able to influence the neck, if suddenly it is somehow deformed as a result of damage or changes in the structure of the tree. When inspecting the neck, a small check should be made. You need to make sure that the neck is set exactly. Look at the distance from the neck to the first and last string. It must be equal. If the neck is glued, then you need to watch this distance at level 12 of the guitar fret. If it is attached to a screw, then there is no dependence on the mode. 3 mm. - that's the most optimal value for a comfortable game. Also pay attention to the width of the neck. If you can not reach the 6th string, then you need to pick up a guitar with a narrower neck.

Particular attention should be paid when selecting the instrument.draw on the pegs. Here's how to choose a guitar for beginners. The tuners allow you to tune the guitar, and also they are responsible for how much the guitar keeps a single system during the game. Picks should be tight enough, but do not require too much effort to adjust them. In addition, the dangling pegs will not keep the guitar running. Do not hesitate and ask the guitar directly in the store. Perform a pair of works and make sure that the construction of the instrument has not changed. The only way to understand how it is quality.

How to choose a classical guitar for the price? The price of a guitar can vary from zero to infinity. And in the case of the selection of a good level tool, you should not focus on this indicator. In this case, it is appropriate to recall the author's famous series of books about Harry Potter. "Each wand is made for his magician" So with guitars. Each tool is unique. Only you, dear reader, will be able to understand how you fit each other. With a guitar you express yourself. Therefore, buying a bad instrument can be considered adequate if you need a guitar to go to the forest, where it is not a shame to forget it.

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