Do you want the quality of your photos to passto a new level, so that they become deeper and more detailed? To achieve this, which camera to choose? Mirror. Yes, the answer is simple, but a great number of SLR cameras. How to choose a mirror camera and do not get confused when choosing, you will learn in this article.

No one will tell you which mirror camera is best to choose, because this choice is individual and depends on the following factors:

  • Purchase budget. Set "camera + lens" at the moment you can buy from 18 thousand rubles and above.
  • Your experience in photography.
  • Purpose of purchase. It is very important when choosing to consider what you are going to shoot: people, landscapes, sports, animals. Although this paragraph is more relevant to the choice of optics, but the "carcass" should be selected for the purpose of shooting. For example, if you want to do commercial shooting, the camera for beginners here will not work.
  • Your wishes: weight, size, ergonomics of buttons, etc.

Tips: How to Choose a Mirror Digital Camera

To begin with, we narrow the search range: define with the brand. The choice is quite extensive: CANON, NIKON, FUJIFILM, MINOLTA, OLYMPUS, PANASONIC, KODAK, PENTAX, SAMSUNG, SIGMA, SONY. The most popular brands in this segment are Canon and Nikon. The choice of brand depends only on your wishes, perhaps you had a "digital camera" Canon, then it will be easier for you to understand the "mirror" of the same company. When choosing remember: you not only choose the brand of your camera, you choose the whole system of cameras, lenses, flashes and other lotions.

Then you need to determine the level of the camera:

  • For beginners;
  • For lovers;
  • Semi-professional cameras;
  • Professional cameras.

Here, first of all, it is necessary to rely onYour experience in photography. If this is your first "SLR", then it is better to take a SLR camera for beginners. To choose it simply - manufacturers have already taken care to create such a model, which is easy to handle, and thus the images are quite interesting in quality. Just go to the store and take the cheapest "DSLR" of the right manufacturer. Although if the funds allow you to spend a good couple of hundreds of thousands on the camera, of course, take a professional camera right away, sooner or later you will still learn how to use it.

Well, now the most interesting and complex: choice of a specific model. Again, this is difficult if you already have requirements for the model. If these requirements are not present, but you have a desire to choose to complicate and learn about the basic characteristics of digital SLR cameras, here they are:

  • The matrix is ​​the main part of the camera that forms the image and transmits it to the memory device. The size of the sensitive photocell of the camera is measured in megapixels, the more - the better.
  • Focusing: the focus points (the points at which the camera is focused, the more focusing points - the better), focusing is possible in manual or automatic mode.
  • Lens is a system of lenses and mirrors designedto obtain a realistic image on the photosensitive element. Types of lenses - this is a separate huge topic, I will only say that you first need to determine the lens with a fixed focal length you need a zoom lens.
  • Exposure - the time period during which the shutter of the camera remains open.
  • Stabilizer - prevents blurring of the image when shooting with hands and with long exposure.
  • ISO sensitivity - the wider the ISO range, the better.
  • Diaphragm - the size of the hole that controls the amount of light entering the matrix, the aperture value controls blurring of the background when shooting portraits and when taking macro shots.
  • Shooting modes - programmed shooting modes for specific scenes. Usually there are the following modes: auto, portrait, macro, sport, landscape, manual, with priority of aperture / shutter speed.
  • Ergonomics - this is how the camera lies in the hand, and the convenience of placing buttons on the camera body.
  • Camera dimensions: weight, height, width, length.

Even if you have decided on the rulercamera, it's rather difficult to dwell on a particular model, since all of them (even models of one line) have both pluses and minuses. For a more convenient comparison of models you like, use comparison tables, they are available on almost all sites of photo clubs, online stores. You can also see reviews, tests of liked models in the network.

Still it is necessary to tell, that if the budget allows,take a good lens, if not, then it is better to take a not very expensive "carcass" and a good lens. Together with the camera immediately take: bag / backpack, tools for cleaning the optics, protective filters and films.

Where to buy a mirror camera

  1. eBay is an online auction. Difficulties that may arise - a relatively long wait for the delivery of goods.
  2. In online stores, as a rule, prices are lower than in "real" stores.
  3. Household appliances stores.
  4. Specialty stores of phototechnics.

Do not buy a camera in unidentified stores, even if the price there is an order of magnitude lower, take the equipment only in trusted stores. Pay special attention to the availability of a guarantee for the goods.

Now you know how to choose the right camera. Enjoy your shopping and creative success!

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