Game addiction or lodomania is whatoften frighten gamblers. Because of fear of falling into this very dependence, many people do not dare to register with Admiral Casino and spend an exciting time. But is it so dangerous ludomania, and who in general suffers? It's time to understand the reasons for the emergence of game dependence and dispel the myths associated with it.

What is ludomania and how to deal with it

Psychologists consider ludomania psychica disorder in which a person is irresistibly drawn to gambling. People who are addicted to gambling addiction can not enjoy life out of the game. They find it hard to concentrate on work and are not interested in spending time with family and friends. That is, not every player suffers from ludomania. Moreover, only a small percentage of the total number of players is subject to this dependence.

Psychologists also believe that the reasons for the gamedependencies are not in the game, but in completely different factors. However, the same can be said about the majority of addictions and mental disorders. So, anorexia suffer not because the food is tasteless, but because they are afraid to gain even a gram of excess weight. They are subject to people who, at one time, had to give up a lot, and are now trying to catch up, by buying up everything they see.

In other words, the game dependence threatenspeople who already suffer from a number of different diseases, for example, depression. If you know how to control yourself and spend time in a casino, not to avoid problems, you are not threatened by ludomania. But as a preventive measure, follow two rules:

  1. Determine the time that you will spend on the game. Two or three hours a day is more than enough to have fun and enjoy.
  2. Define the limits of losses / wins. Never exceed them and do not lose a lot of money.

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