What color do you associate with a casino? I'm almost sure - with red. Red - bright, rich, sonorous. Red is arousal. It tones the person, as if signaling the nervous system - danger, danger, attention!

They say that every color has its own meaning. Red - excites. Yellow - causes a feeling of lightness. Green - soothes. Blue - inspires seriousness. Do you think the casino just chose the red color as the main one? Just because they make these shimmering, bright, in the vast majority of cases, red signs?

And this is just one-hundredth of all the tricks that this illusionist-casino possesses so skilfully owns.

Who was in the ground casino, he knows thatstay inside the gambling establishment - this is a real, strong, like a century - in oak barrels - a real alcohol. Intoxicated. Makes mad. Pushes to reckless actions. It seems that you came here by one person, but now you are completely different ... What is it? And here a whole lot of reasons ...

Remember, for example, what a casino looks like from inside. But this is a pure water labyrinth, in which there are no direct transitions from one table to another. Everything is confusing, difficult ... To get bogged down in the web of this labyrinth is simple. And for that and calculation! After all, while naive, accidental wind abandoned visitor here, goes to the same table, he will leave his money in a dozen others! Sly? It's only the beginning!

Red. Colorful. The catchy. This casino is not only outside, but inside as well. This purpose is served by carpets, gently stretched under our feet. They, as experts say, also stimulate the nervous system of the player, as if squeezing the last drops of excitement from him ... the last money.

And yet in any ground institution you will not findwall clock. What time is it now? The devil only knows! Maybe look out into the street? But there are no windows here either! What for? So that you are lost in time. To forget, into a binge absorbing gambling!

The same purpose is served ... a smell in the air. Neuromarketing. Special flavors, unfamiliar and unusual, they also affect the nervous system, inflating the player, pushing him to risk ... Come on, come on, you can, go, play!

These same thoughts whisper and alcohol - free,carried by pleasant girls who are always ready to communicate with you, inspiring to new feats and accomplishments. Well, how can you resist their charm?

It is said that in some land institutions in the USAand Europe, regular visitors have become so thick-skinned to these tricks that they no longer come across them ... But no, the casino representatives did not despair - they just made a retaliatory move, adding to the new tricks: brilliant shows, loud concerts, singing fountains! Seeing all this, a person experiences euphoria. He wants more, more! Blood boils, and the only way to give her an exit right here and now is to play, play, play ...

As you know, all these tricks are possible only inground casino. Virtual casinos can not use either a specific smell, no variegated carpets, or singing fountains. Online casinos, indeed, can not use such familiar and classic for land institutions tricks. But they have their own classic - games. Immortal, immortal, they were there, they are here; play - http://play-azartplay.foot-bol.com/sloty/sizzling-hot-quatro/.

Come play in the excitement play! Come play and win, knowing that everything here is really honest! No tricks. No deception. Only pure pleasure.

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