Assets, bank, homruli, prison, rent, freeparking, Chance card, hotels and houses ... Can you guess in which game all these concepts coexist peacefully? Of course it's about the famous Monopoly! She appeared in the United States in the midst of the Great Depression and in just a year gained an unthinkable popularity. People who had a hard time finding their own food in life, happily reincarnated as skilful bankers and skillful businessmen in the game, plunging into the square field of Monopoly with its chips and cards. For a couple of hours, they finally could forget about the difficulties and adversities that have rewarded them this difficult time. Perhaps that is why the invention of Charles Darrow (who at the time of depression earned on the walking dogs), was so fond of America.

And Monopoly is extremely interesting! This is an economic strategy designed for 2 or more people, whose goal is to bankrupt rivals and become a full-fledged monopolist. For this, participants are given the same starting capital and equal opportunities at the start. To succeed, you need to rationally spend and plan your budget, pay rent and earn on it, interact with the bank. And of course - sometimes obey the will of fate, tk. on the playing field of the participants lies a few squares "Chance" and "Draw", which can radically change the course of the game.

Now Monopoly is played all over the world, and the numberits fans exceeded half a billion people. Even annually held world championships with impressive prize pools, in which anyone can participate. The popularity of the game Monopoly is really impressive. But if you and your children have already "played enough" into it and want to try something new - pay attention to other, equally interesting options that in their specific features resemble a well-known strategy. In this article, we want to introduce you to several of them.


So, Monopoly is a game for money. And in it you can earn this money by showing yourself in organizing a business. Playing Monopoly, many are sure that if there is a good start-up capital in real life, they would become successful businessmen without problems. But do not so trust the realities of the game, because the starting money in it is not real, and the actions are largely due to the cubes. In Libertec, everything is like in reality. The playing field is a daily routine. You can work daily, get tired hellishly, but earn a decent salary. And you can use every minute of your time with the mind - to look for opportunities to realize your ideas and use each of them.

It's something like personalLife manager, who helps to find harmony between human and financial opportunities. First you will have to count a lot, but very quickly the score will turn into fun fun. Achieve financial independence in the game Libertex and learn to control your income and expenses. A huge plus is that new editions appear on sale every 2-3 years and contain real prices, exchange rates, etc.


What could be more like Monopoly thanAntitrust? It is very similar to its predecessor, only here one can strive not only for the role of a monopolist, but also for the role of a competitor. The first - plans, thinks about the future, is reserved by patience and waits. And the second - can act immediately, at your own peril and risk. Competitors make this game more dynamic and exciting, but its task is always more difficult than a monopolist. After all, he will quickly get rich, while not allowing "to rise" to the enemy.


It is a prototype of an ideal metropolis, builderswhich are the participants in the game. Here you do not have to earn money, but you can do it with might and main in matters of town planning. The game begins with a tiny sleeping and residential areas of the city, which grow and develop together with the metropolis. Players will become the newly made city-managers and will build their favorite city, turning it into the most ideal place on the planet.

7 Wonders of the World

And again building. Only in the time of ancient civilizations. At the beginning of the game, players are given only one small town, in which a playground for the construction of a miracle of light has already been prepared. It remains only to choose a development strategy and put it into practice, and very soon a huge metropolis will be in the place of a tiny town. And the way it will become depends entirely on the strategy. For example, if at the initial stage of the game to build a theater, then in the next era for it is given a free statue, and then a chic garden, which otherwise had to be built on its own resources.


Do not forget about the younger generation, becausethere are also desktop children's games, similar to Monopoly. For example, Zoloretto is a beautiful family game in which young entrepreneurs 7 years and older can become owners of their own zoos with three enclosures. The initial conditions for all are equal, and the winner is the one who will make the best zoo. To do this, it is necessary to buy and repair cages, take offspring from the inhabitants of the zoo, keep entertainment stores, etc.

Machi Koro

In a compact cardboard box, a deck of190 cards, 60 coins and two hexagonal cube with rules. All this will dip a company of 2-5 people into the cozy world of Japan, where each player will try on himself as the mayor of a small town. And every manager must love his city and work only for his good. Therefore, the players' task is to achieve prosperity and peace in it. For this, naturally, it is necessary to build! Ordinary residential buildings, attractions and green areas. The one who will manage to achieve prosperity of his city faster than all will win.

Of course, you can add legends about Monopoly -so popular and in demand it is still, although more than 80 years have passed since its inception! But even this small part of everything interesting can eclipse a well-known economic strategy. Perhaps one of these games will draw you even more than you expect. It remains only to play them!

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