The famous saga, based on the works of S. Meyer, tells about Bella Swan, which became a stumbling block for several clans of "immortal" opposing each other.

Within five years, since 2008, films have been consistently covering the development of events.

  • "Twilight" (2008). The seventeen-year-old girl managed to fall in love with Edward, one of the Cullen vampires. He, in turn, fascinated by the amazing aroma of her blood, also remained indifferent to Bella. And if at first, he tried to avoid her company, then the call of the blood was stronger than the sense of self-preservation.

  • "Dusk. Saga. New Moon "(2009). Bella is more and more in line with the Cullen family, learning about the fact that she has one more admirer, only he belongs to the enemies of vampires. This is her old childhood friend, Jacob Black from the genus of werewolves.

  • "Dusk. Saga. Eclipse "(2010) To save Bella's life from wild vampires (newborns), vampires from the Cullen clan and werewolves stand up - Jacob and their brothers.

  • "Dusk. Saga. Dawn "was divided into two parts in which Bella managed not only to get married, get pregnant, go to a vampire, but also give birth to a charming girl who became the subject of contention.

Now, numerous fans and evenfans of the popular vampire saga can not only read and watch "Twilight", but also, thanks to the cinematographic studio "Lionsgate", who on the crest of the success of the film "Twilight" and "Hunger Games" decided to build a whole network of amusement parks of the appropriate theme, place of characters.

The Lionsgate studio signed an agreement with a South Korean construction company on the creation of Lionsgate Movie World, the opening of which is tentatively scheduled for 2019.

Each zone of the park will be divided into zones, whichwill reflect the atmosphere of not only the movie "Twilight", but also "Hunger Games." Also, the plans are for the Lionsgate studio to expand the park and build a thematic corner for the still unreleased movie Robin Hood: The Beginning, which is scheduled for release in 2018.

For visitors will be open attractions, cafes and restaurants, shops in which you can buy souvenirs.

By the way, D. Feltheimer is Gen. The director of Lionsgate does not exclude the possibility of creating a continuation of sensational films. This primarily depends on S. Collins and S. Mayer, who are the authors of the bestsellers.

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