The casino is a place where there is a lot of money. And there, where big money is big people. And not always legal interests.

Indeed, behind the screen that has a bright, attractive gambling establishment, it almost always hides a dark side ...

It has long been known that for organized crimegroupings (OPG), as well as other criminal elements of the casino serves as a way for easy money laundering. Most often, such laundering occurs through gambling chips. How does this happen? A person buys chips for "black cash", takes them to another casino (usually the same gambling network), and then waits for a perfectly legitimate, transparent win. After that, the money is withdrawn either to the player's account or in cash.

OCGs often take their chips to another country,which they use as a currency in not the cleanest deals ... As a result of the operation, the chips are returned to the casino by means of dummies. Such a system is extremely convenient, since gambling chips - when crossing the borders of countries - do not need to complete customs declarations. Also, chips do not attract much attention to themselves, which means that they can not be noticed at all by law enforcement officers.

The described actions of the OPG on money laundering,of course, do not exhaust the whole spectrum of illegal operations. Criminals own a whole mass of ways that allow them to achieve their goals, doing so so that they are not riveted on the attention of the police. Learn about all these methods - almost impossible. There are too many of them ...

The fact is widely known when in Australiaarrested a drug dealer. Later it was found out that in one of the casinos of his country he had laundered more than 900 thousand dollars. And it is with the help of chips. Records of video surveillance made it possible to find out: in the casino, he almost did not play. It was obvious: the criminal simply laundered money from the sale of drugs.

But this does not exhaust the dark side of the casino

It is well known that casinos almost always have wars: the state pursues its own interests, the OPG is its own. The struggle is not for the casino itself. And for the influence in it.

If members of an organized criminal groupingturn out to be winners in this battle, they get the right not only to launder money by criminal means, but also to lend them. Similarly, criminals do not shy away from extorting money from ordinary visitors to a gambling establishment. As a rule, their victims are loodomans, dependent. The members of the organized crime group give these people money at a high rate. And then blackmail and threaten reprisals, if the player does not return the right amount with a dashing percentage.

The described practice is actively conducted in terrestrialcasino. But it is not and can not be virtual in the casino. For example, in the casino club Admiral all operations are transparent and clean. In addition - in this casino is quite another attitude to visitors. If players can blackmail and pursue in ground-based gambling establishments, then in the virtual casino the player is offered only additional ways of earning or saving: tournaments, bonuses, promotions, etc. All this says about one thing: the choice is obvious, play in honest casinos, play with us!

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