The screen once again booms betweenrobots, whose names are not something to remember, but repeat is not possible. Here they are in a typical "robotic" image, but second - and before us a jet fighter or a racing car instead of a mechanism with iron hands, legs and head. All clear! Someone again with a sinking heart is watching a new series of transformers. And most likely, this someone is a child. Such ardent admirers of alien wars are a fastidious person in terms of gifts. Therefore, on the eve of Birthday, New Year or just a visit to a guest who has such a fan, carefully think over your present. We offer several options on the theme "Transformers", which will please any admirer of multi-series adventures.

1. Robotic figures

Find them is the easiest. Your task is only to make sure that the collection of the child does not have a particular figure you like. By the way, in the toy store you will find a huge assortment, because at the moment there are more than 200 kinds of models of transformers. Conventionally, they can be combined into two main groups:

  • transport,
  • animals.

Models of the first group are transformed intocars, helicopters, rockets, space shuttles, airplanes and bulldozers. And even in the water equipment. There are many variants of transformations. For example, you can buy a transformer Optimus Prime, which turns into a huge truck - just like in the movies. And Skyhammer is able to reincarnate in a steep helicopter, Megatron - in a spacious trailer. Each character is individual, as well as its second image.


Transformers-animals, unlike previous onesanalogues, have more streamlined and bold forms. They are transformed into dinosaurs. For example, Slug - in triceratops with a couple of dozen spines on the tail. And Grimlock from episode 5 - in a huge and ruthless tyrannosaur, capable of plundering any enemy. Some representatives of the group of animals combine a powerful SUV and a deft frog, such as the Springload.

The best figures of transformers - only Hasbro

It is the American company Hasbro in the distant1983 launched the production of transformers, which in a matter of time became popular in many countries. And since 1984 the first series of stories about the alien war of robots came out on the screens, followed by comics. The era of transformers began very noisy and magnificent. And even now the next generation of boys are practically not breathing, watching the adventures of their favorite heroes. And Hasbro, in turn, annually releases new robotic characters and modifies existing ones. The company values ​​its creation very much, so toys are made only in first-class quality. Without harmful ingredients, hazardous to health. In addition, Hasbro transformers work like a Swiss watch - they are folded and laid out clearly, accurately, without hesitation. No Chinese analogue is close to American products.

2. Helmets and equipment of transformers

Boys love to play role-playing games andoften involve handy materials for this. Imagine their delight when, instead of sticks, they take a megablaster in their hands, and a helmet, similar to that worn by his favorite hero, will be put on his head. For example, the Bamblby transformer is one of the most popular characters of transformers, effectively turning into a bright yellow sports car Chevrolet Camaro. As a gift you can buy the same juicy yellow helmet and, wearing it, reincarnated as a pet of many generations of children.

The helmet has 3 buttons that perform different functions:

  • The first reproduces a sound that signifies the transformation of Bumblebee into a racing car.
  • The second - repeats quotes from the film of the same name and a cartoon.
  • The third - transforms the child's voice into the voice of the beloved hero. This function will make a real sensation!

From the equipment, in addition to the helmet, you can buy:

  • Costumes with embossed muscles that will transform a young soldier beyond recognition.
  • Futuristic weapons of any kind.
  • Knee pads and bullet-proof vests with the image of brave heroes.


3. Towel and bed set

An excellent option for grandparents who areIn principle, they are skeptical about aggressive robots, even if they like their beloved grandchildren to the point of horror. And also for those who want to make a surprise, but is afraid to give a toy that is already in the collection of the originator of the celebration. And there is no way to talk about this with his parents.

Some towels are sewn with a hood thatis the likeness of a helmet with a corresponding pattern. The trunk of the transformer is "painted" on the rest. Therefore, turning into it, the child immediately turns into a powerful robot. And now he is already rushing about the apartment, making the sounds of transformation. And after a shower with a pleasure wrapped in a towel, which has already become a favorite, do not doubt. The bed set in this plan also has an excellent benefit - it perfectly accommodates children who, in ordinary circumstances, flatly refuse to sleep. And then how can I deny myself the pleasure of soaking in the arms of such a steep and stylish kit!

4. Computer game, comics, CD collection

Not the most useful gift of all. But - a win-win! Because any admirer of space adventures will be happy to be able to contemplate your favorite characters at any time of the day or night. Well, as far as parents allow it, of course.

5. Toys based on transformers

There are lots of options. The choice depends on the temperament and age of the child. Boys of preschool age, plodding and loving quiet games, like plasticine Play Doh series «Transformers». Those who are older, but also calm and diligent, will enjoy the taste of board games about transformers.

Absolutely everyone will appreciate the sets of LEGO, not the firstyear in a huge range presented on the shelves of children's shops. A particularly bright and mobile children for a long time will take water pistols, blasters, as well as sets of space buildings - all on the same name sequel.

In general, even a gifted table set withdepicting your favorite heroes in the eyes of a happy child will surely exalt you almost to the rank of saint. After all, you will do the most important thing - remember about his interest and give him due attention. And it is appreciated at any age!

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