Lego designers are fondly loved by the children of manygenerations. The popularity of this fun lies in its exceptional universality - from cubes of various shapes and sizes one can invent interesting constructions and even entire cities.

The possessor of a toy gets the opportunity to create his own world with his own rules and laws. Such features provide excellent conditions for the development of children's imagination and imagination.

What good is the LEGO constructor?

Some parents of the main advantagesthe designer highlights the security settings. The fact is that all elements of the game are made of non-toxic materials that do not have a negative impact on the child's organism and the environment. On the surface of the parts there are no chips and cracks that could injure the baby. To achieve such a high level of protection was possible through the use of a special technology for verification and control of production.

The designer is produced according to the standardizedchemical formula, so parents do not have to worry about that the child will have allergic reactions and irritations on the skin. Safety and protection of children's health are the main principles of LEGO's activities.

Another advantage is the resistance tomechanical damage. By creating elements for a special production technology, LEGO wanted to achieve the longest possible life of the products. Practice shows that this game for several years can not bore the child. The need to buy a new series occurs after the transition of the baby to another age category. Of course, the interests of the child can also change. The company LEGO is always pleased to warm up the enthusiasm of children with their own products.

For the child the main advantage of the designerdiversity and universality. The manufacturer offers a huge number of complete sets and series of the designer. Enlarge the children's interest in this game allows sets created by the themes of famous movies and cartoons. Today the following series are very popular:

  • Lego City;
  • Friends;
  • Star Wars;
  • Super Heroes.

Series of Lego Ninja is the original projectcompany. Superpopular online game among children of primary school age has become a real hit of recent years. Thanks to this, the demand for LEGO again exceeded all expectations.


The designer of this brand is called upon to developthe creative potential of children from all over the world. Every year new sets and series of games are created to ensure that kids can realize their own ideas and ideas every day.

Selecting a LEGO constructor

Almost every child will be happy to receivedesigner as a gift both on a festive and a weekday. This game can be an excellent idea to buy a budget, but a pleasant and useful surprise. The selection of the LEGO series is based on the following parameters:

  • age of the child;
  • floor;
  • hobbies;
  • favorite movies and cartoons.

Before buying, ask the kid what topic is interesting to him. In the assortment of the company there is exactly what will immeasurably please a child of any gender and age.

LEGO can rightfully be considered a family fun,because implement creative ideas like and many adults. Game in the designer can be an excellent occasion for close and fruitful communication with the baby. Having bought several different sets, you can organize pleasant and useful leisure for your family.

Interesting statistics about the designer LEGO

Today the designers of LEGO have a largepopularity in 130 countries. Three hundred million children with great interest collect cubes, developing their own imagination and imagination. Statistics show that, in total, the world's kids spend 5 million hours to assemble a designer of this brand every year.

To please children today can be 600 differentsets of LEGO, which have in their composition more than two thousand unique details. Every second the company releases 600 elements for designers, and at the same time around the world, parents manage to buy about 7 sets.

If you calculate the total amount for alltime the existence of a company of elements, it will come out that for every inhabitant of the planet there are 64 cubes of LEGO each. 40 billion elements of the designer LEGO will be enough to get to the moon - the moon.

The railroad from the elements of the designer, having a distance of 545 meters, is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. The first snapping cubes of LEGO were created in 1949.


Brief excursion into the history of the brand development

The current form of a designer called LEGO was purchased only in 1955. Then the company decided to develop and produce themed games of plastic materials:

  • cities;
  • knights;
  • space.

The novelty quickly began to gain popularity amongchildren of different ages. In the next five years, the company enters the international level. In each developed country, more than 50 different sets from LEGO are sold.

In 1961, the first model was releasedcar of cubes. Up to this point, children could only enjoy the construction of houses from the elements of the designer. Over time, the brand began to attach to the set of instructions, according to which children could embody the figures according to the manufacturer's idea.

The middle of the 60s was marked for the brandLEGO time of staff expansion. Now more than 50 people worked at the production and creative center of the company. The management started an active work on studying consumers in order to satisfy the demands of the younger generation as much as possible. The result of such activities was the development of the railway, which later became part of the history of the brand and led to the introduction of the manufacturer's products in the Guinness Book of Records.

The doubled cubes of LEGO Duplo steelissued in the late 60-ies. They were designed for the youngest children and quickly became very popular all over the world. The company's new logo was developed in 1973. This symbolism has survived to this day.

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