In the game arsenal of the baby should be different things: plastic sport equipment, various dolls and designers. All of them introduce crumbs to different materials, new characters and sensations. But the closest friend who is convenient to take with them on a visit, usually to bed or for a walk is soft toys.


A good choice - primates

If you ever took your child to the zoo, thenyou know that macaques and chimps try to communicate with visitors more often. They mix children, entertain adults, repeat their gestures. Therefore, children, as a rule, are delighted with monkeys. They are so adroit, cute and so similar to us! But you can get a cat or a dog, but home CIChy - no. That's why a soft monkey toy is a great way out!

What they are:

  • anti-stress (they are nice to crumple in your hands, it's soothing);
  • warmers (a nice bonus in the winter period);
  • interactive and musical (communicate or sing);
  • heroes of favorite works (movies, cartoons, books);
  • theatrical gloves (dolls for home productions);
  • symbols of the year (useful not only once every 12 years).

As you can see, there is a huge scope forchoice. Having an inanimate gorilla or a monkey at home, you can tell the children about the amazing jungle, about Mowgli, about evolution. Small presentations with useful information will be interesting not only to your child, but also to his friends.


What makes toys

Textile, tissue samples can includefur and leather inserts (most often it is artificial eco-leather). Plastic eyes can look very natural. In most interactive models, there is an opportunity not only to look at the silent frozen character, but also to feed it, drink it, sing and dance with it together.

When you choose a friend for your child,correlate its dimensions with the product so that the model was large enough for warm embraces, but not too heavy. Give preference to hypoallergenic labeling and things that are easy to take care of. As a rule, they need a hand wash in warm soapy water and a good drying. After drying, you can additionally wipe the coat with antiseptic so that the child can safely rest the pile to the face, lips and take the product in hand.

If your little one likes to dress up buddies,take care of the exchangeable wardrobe for the doll. It can be linked, stitched or purchased in the children's world in the accessories section. In some cases, your child's old things may suit the toy - this will be very nice to the latter and will very close them.

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