Pew Pew! After these purchases around the house, only these sounds are heard. But it's not scary at all, it's part of life and an important stage of growing up. And not only boys, but also girls. Contrary to well-established views, game weapons do not teach violence - more accuracy, concentration of attention, quick response to external stimuli. Later it will come in handy in a dash, in the army, and even in everyday life.

Selection options

The times of simple slingshots and self-made "shooters"gradually pass - that's why the company Nerf is not stingy, replenishing the arsenal of products with new products and improved models. The main principle of the offices is the safety and reliability of toys, so parents can not worry and rather go to the choice.

weapons for children

Important advantages of the products:

  • contrasting colors (especially useful for toddlers who study the world);
  • light weight (due to the use of plastic);
  • complete set (buy and play);
  • the possibility of an upgrade (helps to save on the following gifts).

The kid can freely choose a tool thatconvenient to hold and use. The scale of products varies depending on the prototype - so, the grenade launcher, of course, is more than a simple pistol. With such weapons it is easy to parody the characters of Schwarzenegger and Willis.

The most popular device

If you forgot to consult a smallhero and find out what tool he needs, we tell you a win-win option. It's a blaster! You probably guessed that this word is somehow connected with the English "blast" - that is, the explosion, power and separation. Indeed, it's sci-fi things (science fiction) that kids especially like kids, and Nerf blasters are especially.

weapons for children

First, these things look very cool - theydo not look like an army weapon. Their forms, details and principles of work differ in many respects from standard military attributes. Secondly, they give vent to fantasy, because the emphasis is not on cartridges, but on energy (the kid can imagine that he shoots plasma or protons). In the popular series of games "Half Life" the characters now and then use these guns.

Thanks to special series, babies will be able toto resist different enemies - zombies, cowboys, spies and so on. Each collection has its own colors and features, they can be combined and improved on their own, by purchasing sets. Action games with such equipment will surpass all the expectations of children and carry it away for several hours. As you know, an active child is a healthy child. Yes, and parents are easier to choose gifts for name-days and other holidays, because in the series "Nerfov" a lot of different safe for children, there are even crossbows and machine guns.

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