Woolen fabric and its varieties. What to look for when choosing: the composition for sewing what clothes are suitable samples. And what is better: branded fabric or conventional production.

The value of wool is largely dependent onyarn, from which it is made. In the production of modern textiles use natural types of wool: camel, angora, sheep, merino and alpaca. After a special treatment of yarn, woolen threads are obtained for a thin web and stronger. From a thin cloth a variety of fabrics for tailoring are created.

Variations of natural woolen fabrics

  • Alpaca - one of the most expensive and valuable fabrics,is made by a complex technique of weaving from the wool of llama of the Alpaca breed. On the properties of the canvas is very soft, light and warm, it is used to make a coat. Can be either fully 100% or with the addition of other types of wool. The width of the finished fabric is 150 cm and 160 cm. Colors of fabrics of light and dark tones without drawings.
  • Boucle - dense, rough fabric with roughsurface of small nodules. The composition of the boucle fabric is 58% wool, 34% alpaca and 8% synthetic fiber. Since the percentage of non-natural fiber is less than 10%, the fabric is considered woolen. The width of the finished fabric is 160 cm, the color is brown, it is used for sewing outerwear: suits and coats.
  • Cashmere - light and very soft cloth, from itmake jersey, which includes 100% cashmere, the width of the finished fabric - 124 cm, the colors are the most diverse, plus, drawings and ornaments. From cashmere they sew dresses, blouses, tunics, etc.
  • Mohair - the most common type of wool from Angoragoats. In the fabric of mohair for strength add acrylic fibers and other types of wool. The canvas is almost universal, it is made of different types of clothing, as well as costumes, dresses and even coats. The width of the finished fabric is from 80 cm to 150 cm.
  • Tweed - an elastic woolen fabric with a small pile. The composition of the tweed is natural wool 95% and 5% elastin, or with the addition of cashmere. The width of the fabric is 150 cm and 155 cm. The popular colors of the tweed are melange. From this fabric they sew suits, skirts, dresses, trousers, coats, etc.

Brand or brand? What to choose

Branded fabrics are always of the order of magnitudehigher than normal production. Italian firms value their name, so if you buy the original from reliable suppliers, there will be no disappointments. Wool fabrics of good quality do not shed and do not lose color with time. Of course, woolen cloth requires delicate care, regardless of whether the branded manufacturer or not. Factory fabrics are more affordable, and quality largely depends on the country of origin.

How to distinguish the natural composition of wool fabric

In this issue, we will have to trust manufacturersand those parameters of the composition that is indicated. Folk methods are able to determine the naturalness of the tissue, but this is more like a laboratory analysis: you either need to set fire to a woolen thread, or water the fabric with water. To avoid doubt, it is naturally better to buy quality fabric from famous manufacturers.

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