There is no greater pleasure than to holdhour or two for a measured sipping of fragrant steam from the hookah. Having accumulated some experience in smoking different brands of hookahs, I wanted to share my observations. Just want to say that I am not an expert in this field.

In all respects the most successful versions of hookahs are made by American manufacturers. If you search the Internet or in specialized stores, then the popular brands include:

  • Starbuzz;
  • Temple;
  • Fumo;
  • Regal.

Reviews of ardent fans indicate a highquality of manufacture, responsible attitude of these manufacturers to the details. Companies are interesting in that they produce and accompanying products in the form of tobacco and fillers.

With regard to tobacco

According to reviews, American tobacco is the leader among similar products. Among the famous brands of special interest are:

  • Starbuzz;
  • Halo;
  • Cloud 9;
  • Nirvana;
  • Nargilia Hookafina;
  • Elefant.

The products are packed in metal boxes, which keeps the contents from spoilage and weathering. The relatively high cost is completely compensated by the consumption and quality of the smoke.

Another positive feature of thesemanufacturers is a rich map of flavors (up to 100 titles). Each company has its own peculiarity. For example, in Nargilia Hookafina the mixtures are made, mixed and packaged by hand.

My personal observations

  1. Mint is an important component of smoke, without it, smoking does not have the desired flavor. Mint relaxes and gives freshness - a very pleasant addition, in my opinion.
  2. Hookah on fruits saves tobacco, prolongs smoking, forms a delicious aroma.
  3. When choosing a tobacco it is worth paying attention to the amount of smoke produced by it, this information is indicated by the manufacturer.
  4. High mines simplify the process of smoking.
  5. The main material of the bulb is glass or metal. Beware of doubtful models.

Age limit is 18+.

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