For amateur photographers, underwater photography presents certain difficulties, since its technique differs significantly from photographing in the air.

To get high-quality interesting images, you need not only to have special equipment, but also to know how to shoot in water.

Shooting in shallow water

For shooting in water near the surface (atdepth from 3 to 10 meters) you can use a camera with a waterproof case or a normal one, covering it in the aqua-box. To protect the camera from leakage, inside it is necessary to put the balls of hydrogel, and the seams and mobile mechanisms of the aquabox should be treated with silicone grease.

The best time for shooting in the water is a sunny midday. Such lighting is sufficient for shooting at a depth of 1-2 m. At a greater depth, artificial lighting will have to be used.

Below the meter depth, the red color is lost, and the pictures taken will be given a blue color. The absence of red can be compensated for by a light filter or by adjusting the white balance.

Distance to the object being shot should not beexceed 2 meters, otherwise the photo will be blurred. You should also take into account the distortion of the perceived distance. Depending on the mobility of the subject, the shutter speed is controlled.

How to shoot in deep water

Photos at great depths make oceanologistsor professional photographers, as this requires highly sensitive equipment. However, if desired, you can shoot with a conventional camera, clad in a rigid photobox.

For deep-sea shooting, you need color filters (orange and violet), as well as an external flash. In order not to spoil photography with misted lenses, it is necessary to stock up with anti-cloud inserts.

To get a good composition, you need to photograph the object not in the center, but from the bottom up. Do not forget that the visual approximation of objects in the water is 30%.

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