Despite its popularity, the portrait isone of the most complex genres of photography. Experienced photographers know how to shoot portraits to convey the inner world of a person, his mood and state of mind. Every professional has his own secrets of shooting, but there are a number of basic rules that allow you to make a high-quality picture.

How to remove portraits correctly

For portraits it is recommended to uselenses with a focal length of 50 mm (telephoto). But even with a standard lens, you can shoot a good large-scale portrait. For this, the camera's aperture should be as open as possible.

To face in the photo did not workdeformed, do not bring the camera closer to the object closer than 1.6-1.8 m. The most expressive part of the portrait is the eyes, so the focus should be on them.

To capture the natural facial expression and eliminate image blur, the shutter speed should be kept at a minimum.

Building a composition

  • Before photographing a portrait, one shouldtake into account the features of the structure of the face. Round face is better to remove half-turned. Light falling from the side, visually narrow the face. To capture a trapezoid-shaped face with a massive chin, a foreshortening from above is suitable, with which you can visually enlarge the upper part of the head. When shooting people with a thin and elongated face, you must avoid frontal camera angles. Thanks to the slightly raised chin, this face will seem a little shorter.
  • When photographing a portrait, the background often does not matter. On the contrary, it should not be too colorful or bright and distract the viewer's attention.
  • To give the portrait a highlight, it is necessary to find and emphasize the individual feature of appearance (freckles, piercings, scar).
  • Experimenting with photographic equipment, directions of light streams, foreshortenings will allow to receive an original dramatic portrait.
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