The game "100 to 1" is no longer surprising - it has becomeso popular that it is not only watched on television, but also reproduced on home holidays, and also play on the Internet. However, some questions in this game are surprising. For example, the question: how would a bird affectionately call its chick? So, what were the most popular answers people gave?

  1. Chick is really the most obvious and popular answer.
  2. Kid - so many mothers call their children, not just birds.
  3. Sunny - and so many are called close, not only children.
  4. The bird is a little careless, but rather a joke. So people answered in the streets.
  5. Tsypa - not the fact that the eagle would call her eagle chick, but this was also the case.
  6. Fuzzy - chicks do have a nice fluff when they come into the world, and this appeal to them is quite understandable.

This is just one of the interesting questions in this game, in our section Game 100 to 1 you can get acquainted with other funny and unusual questions, as well as answers to them.

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