You probably know that reading helpsdevelopment of imagination, correct speech, literate writing. A person who likes to read, will not be lost in the company of intelligent and interesting interlocutors. Only you need to be able to choose the right thing to read.

There are lists of literature in schools thatgive teachers to children. In them are indicated those books, which for general development it is desirable to read to everyone. However, at school age, not all works can be correctly understood. Therefore, it is better to re-read them, already being an adult.

Classics, Russian and foreign, will never cease to be relevant. That's what we recommend to you for reading, so as not to seem ignorant in the literature:

  • L.N. Tolstoy "War and Peace";
  • F.M. Dostoevsky "The Brothers Karamazov", "Crime and Punishment";
  • N.S. Leskov "Tupeyny Artist";
  • stories by A.P. Chekhov, I.A. Bunin;
  • A.I. Kuprin "The Garnet Bracelet";
  • M. A. Bulgakov "Master and Margarita";
  • A. Dumas "The Count of Montecristo";
  • V. Kaverin "Two Captains";
  • Homer the Iliad;
  • Arthur Conan Doyle "Sherlock Holmes";
  • Boll "The eyes of a clown";
  • EM. Remark "Three Comrades";
  • Kafka "The Castle";
  • Hemingway "The Old Man and the Sea";
  • U. Golding "The Lord of the Flies".

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