While in the yard an information era, a bookstill does not lose its relevance. Many people still prefer a paper version, rather than an electronic book. Based on the data of public opinion polls in Russia over the past year, we can conclude that in the outgoing year of 2014, Russians read almost twice as much as last year, which can not but rejoice. Many readers pointed out that soon they would even like to become owners of their own home library.

Let's find out what Russia is reading today, and what bestsellers are included in the rating of the most popular books for Russians.

  • The fantasy genre takes a leading position. The anthology of the books "The Song of Ice and Flame" by RR Martin is very popular all over the world, as well as a cult series, based on the book series "The Game of Thrones".
  • Recently, there has been a renewed interest inSoviet science fiction, namely, the works of the Strugatsky brothers. "Picnic on the Roadside" - the most popular book of authors from the Russian reading public, a novel about the future and the fight against extraterrestrial civilizations. The "Time Machine" of GJ Wells also evokes enthusiastic feedback from readers.
  • The Great American Master of Horror Stephen KingAlso was not deprived of attention this year. "The Green Mile" is recognized as his most popular book in Russia. But some readers believe that the screen version in the title role with T. Hanks still overtook the book.
  • If we talk about psychological literature, thenJohn Gray's work "Men from Mars, Women from Venus" can be recognized as an unconditional bestseller. According to many Russians, as well as the foreign reading public, this book can help resolve or resolve conflicts within the pair.
  • The modern Russian author, scriptwriter, director Pavel Sanaev won the popularity of the reading public with his novel "Bury me behind the plinth", which tells of the difficult fate of a little boy.

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