The assortment of books amazes with its diversity. Therefore, when you want something to read, is not always possible to navigate and choose the appropriate product. In this article, let's talk about what it is worth to read to a woman.

"Gone With the Wind"

The book "Gone with the Wind" has long beenclassics. Her main character Scarlett O'Hara is a proud and self-confident woman who has a very difficult fate. She was able to survive the war, hunger, poverty, betrayal, unrequited love and loss of loved ones. With this heroine you will be able to learn confidence in your strength, courage and fortitude.

"Singing in the thorns"

The plot of the book "Singing in the thorns" is based onlife of ordinary people who had to work hard and endure many difficulties. Her main character named Maggie will be able to teach you patience, courage and the ability to admit love to those who are dear to you.

"Dangerous ties"

The plot of the book "Dangerous links" has become the basis forthe famous movie "Cruel Games". Read it will be interesting for every woman. Here you are waiting for intrigues of aristocrats, romance novels, betrayals and unexpected turns.

"I'm attracting money"

If your goal is to improve your well-being, thenIt is necessary to read the book "I draw money". Its author is the Russian writer Natalia Pravdina. She gives her readers advice on how to learn to live in prosperity. In this book you will find practical guides, using which you can draw money into your life.

"Conversations with God"

If you want to learn about the mysteries of the world and changeyour life, then read the book "Conversations with God." In it, writer Neil Donald Walsh is in dialogue with God, who points out to him the mistakes of mankind and voices the ways to solve them. Undoubtedly, this book will turn your view on religion, the structure of the world, relationships and other spheres of life.

"The way to the heart of a man and ... back."

If you want to learn how to build long-termrelationships with men, then the book "The Way to the Heart of a Man and ... Back." will be useful to you. In it you will find practical tips that will help you to find happiness with your lover.

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