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How to draw t 34?

The T-34 tank is one of the most powerful and reliable combat vehicles during the Great Patriotic War. And today we will tell you how to draw it with colored pencils.

How to draw a tank

  1. To start in the middle of the sheet you need to drawhexagon - this will be the basis for the caterpillars. Then draw a vertical line inside the drawn shape, dividing it into two equal parts so that you can draw the wheels evenly.
  2. After that you need to draw the base of the tank body: hold two trapezoids, which will be located in front and on the side of the hexagon.
  3. Next, make a sketch of the tower of the tank. To do this, draw a rectangle with rounded edges on top of the hexagon. And using the lines to connect the tower with the base of the tank.
  4. T-34
    Then you need to draw a pipe that will be a cannon.
  5. After that, go to the image of the wheels: for this you need to divide the caterpillars into several equal parts and draw the wheels in them. Then over the caterpillars make the mudguards rounded.
  6. Then you need to divide the tower of the tank into two equalpart, drawing a round line near the cannon. And the gun itself is made a little thinner and gives it a slightly conical appearance. At its base, draw 2-3 rings.
  7. So, the tank is almost finished, now it remainsmake a drawing of the details. To do this, you need to circle the contours of the caterpillar with a pencil and draw a protector. then draw the wheels: circle each wheel with a pencil, draw a pin in it and an inner rim.
  8. Add the last wheels with denticles.
  9. Next, you need to draw on the body of the tank details: hatch and gas tank.
  10. after which you can proceed to paint the tank. To do this, it should be completely painted over with a pale green paint, and dark green and brown to work out all the details. Darken and make the wheel of the tank more spacious, work with small details - draw them in a brown pencil.
  11. In the end, you can draw a red star in the center of the tank.

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